Gay and Bisexual Men

Spiritual Coaching and Transpersonal Psychotherapy for Gay and Bisexual Men

597648845Your sexual identity makes life challenging.

As a gay or bisexual man, you face challenges that heterosexual men don’t.

Even in 2024, you’re still frequently unwelcome at school, home, or the community. “Gay” is still considered an insult in many places.

Bisexual men often find themselves in the unique position of being ostracized from both sides. Heterosexuals lump them in with gay men, while homosexuals treat them with suspicion or distrust. It’s as though they are out of place no matter who they’re with.

There is still a great deal of progress to be made.

While many things are better now than they were in the past regarding acceptance, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Just in recent years, laws have been passed in some parts of the U.S. that prohibit teaching about diverse sexualities, ban drag shows, and strip away the right for school libraries to allow high school students to read about gay and bisexual lives.

The area where I practice, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is a community where people of diverse sexualities can live openly without harassment. But, travel just 10 miles north or south, and it’s a different story.

Even among your own group, there is conflict and resentment.

Older gay and bisexual men have experienced a great deal of change in their lifetimes, from the fight for marriage equality to the AIDS epidemic. They frequently feel like the younger generation is unaware or uninterested in the plight they’ve had to endure.

Meanwhile, younger gay and bisexual men may enjoy broader acceptance from peers but at the same time, have a less cohesive and supportive community. The clubs and venues that used to be just for them have been integrated to accommodate all sexualities. And the social scene has become diluted and fractured.

No matter age, sexual identity, or personal preferences, these men don’t want to feel like outsiders. They want to be viewed as fully human like anyone else and identified by all their unique traits, not just their sexual preferences.

213159280I understand what you’re going through and can help.

I can bring that empathy and deep understanding to you. I’ve worked in the gay and bisexual communities for nearly 30 years, 24 of these as a professional counselor. I’ve also helped a number of men into their own spiritual awakening as Awareness Itself, and then helped them on the further path to enlightenment.

Early in my practice, I worked exclusively with gay men and straight women. And while my focus has changed a bit as society has become more integrated, this work is still close to my heart. I especially enjoy guiding spiritually oriented gay and bisexual men to develop their own spiritual path since they are so often ostracized and excluded by traditional religions and even some eastern spiritual paths.

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