Groups: Online and In-Person are Not Currently Available

Transformation Groups form when enough people are interested in doing deep Psychological/Spiritual Change and Growth Work in a Group:

We take a deep look at each group member’s stated goals for spiritual and psychological transformation.

  • We look carefully at the stories and patterns that obstruct those goals.
  • We support each other’s transformation with a period of meditation, and by offering our collective learning on overcoming such problems.
  • As the mentor, I take an active role in keeping the group safe and offering suggestions from my own awakening pathway and psychological studies, while attempting to help members see how much valuable experience they already have and can offer to each other.
  • We meet once per month in an evening  chosen by the group, from 7 to 8:30pm (more often if the group decides they want more frequency).
  • The fee is $60 for each meeting, limited to 6 people.
  • The groups start in either September or January and run for either an academic or calendar year.

Retreats in Buckingham, PA are currently not being offered. I am focusing on the one-to-one student work.


See Retreats for more details.