It’s Spring here in eastern Pennsylvania and in many other places. I’m amazed, every day, at the amount of life appearing magically out of ‘nowhere’ after a very cold and snowy Winter.

Even indoors, I’m amazed at the resilience of plant life. I bought two Phalaenopsis orchids on February 11th or 12th, one for my spouse for Valentine’s Day and one for the office. The life force is so strong this year that both of them are in full bloom STILL, after 10 weeks! 10 weeks! The one at home has one blossom wilting now but, one new one just bloomed and three more buds look they will bloom.

Nature keeps doing its magic no matter how much we humans are overly occupied with our fears of death, particularly death from a pandemic. Life keeps being life, flowers bloom, trees bud, birds sing, and my chickens keep laying eggs.

If you despair and live in the terror of a certain virus, just remember that the virus has not killed 50% of the population like the Black Plague. It has killed .037% of the world population: one-third of one percent. In the midst of this death, most people have recovered because life has triumphed, not death.

So, when you’re tempted to be terrorized and to live in fear of death, remember that life prevails. It even prevails over the virus most of the time. And, if my orchids are any indication, the vibration of the current life force in Nature and on the Earth is stronger than ever! I’ve never seen a greenhouse orchid bloom for 10 weeks!

May you live in your true nature: love and truth, as well as in harmony with this amazing Earth.