After 20 years as a psychologist, I’ve come back around to the conclusion that working on your ego doesn’t work. Why not? Because you can’t solve the problems generated by the ego, by working at the level of the ego. The ego is a series of thoughts and thought-based feelings. When thought goes ‘silent’ something in us goes ‘uh oh, something’s wrong.’ With the mind silent, there is no ‘me’ anymore, since ‘me’ is conceived of only as a set of thoughts and feelings, and not as a unique person rooted in Mystery. So somehow, just when we think ‘all my problems are over,’ the mind will generate another set of problems so that the ‘ego’ can seem to ‘exist’ again. The ego is all about creating ‘itself’ around a series of problems. It’s especially good at playing the role of ‘Victim.’

So, if you’ve spent countless hours looking at the ‘root’ of your problems in traditional psychotherapy, in the hope that you will finally ‘solve’ the problems and live your life unbounded by your past conditioning and the limited beliefs that come from negative/defensive thoughts, you’ll find that you’re still suffering. You may solve the latest ego issue but, you won’t solve the issue of the EGO.

The EGO Itself, if you continue to believe in its reality, will continue to generate thoughts, and those thoughts will create unnecessary suffering. To stop unnecessary suffering, you have to learn to live at a different center of gravity: Awareness. When you begin to identify with the part of you that is the silent, still, peaceful Awareness, then it’s easier to let go of ego-created problems. How you do this is simple enough. If you want to know how to proceed, contact me.