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HomeMost psychology and spirituality is about empowering a process, not a person. It’s about a person still needing a process to be okay. It’s not about owning the fundamental LOVE that you are at heart.

Psychologists aren’t allowed to say that they love their clients. They use fancy phrases like “unconditional positive regard” or empathy or compassion. They also don’t focus on the love at the core of their clients, they focus on pathology….e.g. ‘what is wrong with you.’

Traditional enlightenment spirituality also focuses on what’s wrong with you and on ‘the magical life you’ll have if only you’ll live according to MY teaching.’ It doesn’t focus on what you already are: love and awareness, the eternal and infinite. It also doesn’t easily clarify the obscuring patterns that keep you from experiencing who you already are.

I can’t be a psychologist or an enlightenment teacher anymore because these roles break my heart in their disempowerment of people and their lack of focus on love.  However, I have always loved people and have always wanted to help. I still do.

So, I find that the best way to help now, is simply to Mirror you, so you can recognize what you ALREADY ARE: love, peace, truth, awareness, infinite, eternal, and part of Nature. You already have a sense of all of these truths, and your own ‘knowing’ can be clarified.

The only thing in the way is the corrosive patterning of the dominant and destructive culture we live in. A culture divorced from Nature and heading more deeply into: artifice, lies, propaganda, control, and substituting the virtual for the real. If you love Nature, think critically, and feel dis-inclined to trust our current human: institutions, corporations and media, we will be a good fit.

I offer individual work: mirroring and uncovering your positive core of Love and Awareness, helping you to reconnect with Nature, and helping you to see and dissolve the poisonous patterns that enslave you and distract you from who you are. I work in my office for people who live nearby, and on video for those around the world. You’ll learn to dream a totally new life into reality through a series of in-person 1:1 dialogs and homework assignments.

Occasionally, I’ll offer a small, local group if a few people are interested; these groups are called “The Transformation Place.”

Your transformation requires your commitment to:

  • dissolve patterns and think freely for yourself,
  • dis-identify from a fixed ‘story of yourself,’
  • dream your own dreams into existence,
  • be courageous enough to follow your own love, awareness, and will.

For fees, I accept clients on a sliding scale from $40 to $200 per hour-long session, based on your income. Your annual income, divided by 1,000 is your session fee!

Come have a cup of tea and an initial conversation to see how you can see yourself clearly as the love you are and transform every area of your life, in light of that recognition. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a visit.

(If you’d like, you can read more about how I work with you, and about my background.)

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A Guide to Enlightenment

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Integration after Awakening: Deconstructing So-Called ‘Truths’

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