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If you’d like to be treated like a person, not a diagnosis, you’ve found the right place. Most counseling, psychology and spirituality is focused on what’s wrong with you. While you’re likely coming to see a person like me for healing on psychological and/or spiritual levels, I’m not primarily here to agree with your dark, negative diagnosis of yourself, perhaps gleaned from some internet article. I’m here to treat you as an complete person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

My work focuses on getting to know the whole you. We’ll sift through your thoughts and feelings, your pain and anguish, and the obstructions that keep you from living a whole life, so that YOU CAN LIVE THAT WHOLE LIFE YOU WANT. Not only will we look at what doesn’t work but, also at what does work. So often, the strengths you were aware of have been hidden by your troubles and weaknesses. Let’s change that together.

I offer 22 years of psychotherapy experience to help you guide yourself into psychological healing and balance. You can also pursue spiritual awakening in our work together, if you are interested in that.

I’ve often found that those deeply committed to a spiritual path are also hoping to escape the trauma or deep inner pain and anguish of feeling unloved, ashamed, and abandoned, by trying to remain in the Awareness or Transcendence. Spiritual awakening does put you in touch with a deep, silent, pristine aspect of yourself that is often called Awareness or Transcendence. However, it does not automatically remove every pain, disappointment, angry feeling and dysfunctional pattern from your life. These obstructive patterns have to be seen, felt, and then dissolved. I can help you with that so you can live the promised, spontaneous, “present” life you were aiming for on the spiritual path.

The journey to wholeness also means opening your eyes to see that our very culture is often at odds with health, healing, and real human feelings. General world culture has little room for human feeling and little time to speak about and listen to deep human needs.

Your parents and teachers grew up in this same emotion-denying culture and so you may have often felt unloved and disappointed by them, if not more substantially neglected or abused. The work of therapy and/or spiritual awakening is to: (1) witness and mirror your pain back to you so that you can find acceptance and healing for it AND (2) to mirror back your authentic, loving and truthful self to you too.

I work in my office for people who live in Pennsylvania and are interested in psychotherapy and/or spiritual awakening and on video for those around the world interested in spiritual awakening. (My license doesn’t cover out-of-state psychotherapy.) 

You’ll learn to create the new life you want, step by step, through a series of in-person 1:1 dialogs and homework assignments. I emphasize meditation, mindfulness/being present, dissolving obstructive patterns, and challenging the truthfulness of your thoughts, to bring you into greater wholeness.


Your Commitment to the work:

  • Make regular weekly or biweekly appointments for psychotherapy. This can be done through this website (see below or on the “Shop” page).
  • Make regular weekly, biweekly or monthly appointments for spiritual awakening work.
  • Pay your fees when you book or at the appointment.
  • Be willing to talk about what bothers you as well as what thrills you.
  • Make changes in your life based on the insights you gain in our work together.

For fees, I accept clients without insurance on a sliding scale from $60 for weekly appointments to $250 per hour-long session, based on your employment and/or investment income. Your annual income, divided by 1,000 is your session fee if you come weekly. If you come bi-weekly or monthly, the lowest rate is $75/session or $100/session respectively. Whatever your income, the lowest fee will be $60/hour if you come for weekly appointments.

I do accept some major insurance plans for psychotherapy: Aetna (and subsidiaries Meritain and Trustmark); United Healthcare (and subsidiaries All Savers, Optum, and United Behavioral Health); in this case the fee is your usual copay. I electronically file claims and the companies pay the rest of the fees that I’ve contracted to receive.

Come have a cup of tea and an initial conversation (the usual fee applies) so we can discover if we can work well together. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a visit.

(If you’d like, you can read more about how I work with you, and about my background.)


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