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You’re a whole person, you have thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. You know something about yourself and the world. You have had your successes and failures, beliefs and doubts, and you notice your strengths and weaknesses.

When you look for a psychotherapist and/or spiritual mentor, you’re recognizing that something doesn’t feel right. Often, you don’t know exactly what that is. You’ve tried self-help websites, podcasts, and TedTalks but, you still aren’t getting to the root of what’s bothering you. That brings you to the moment when you’re willing to say ‘okay, I need someone to help me figure out what’s going on.’

I have 22 years of experience as a psychotherapist and/or spiritual mentor. I have expertise in spirituality, trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery (please be six months sober) and many other areas. As a psychotherapist, I know how to help you to figure out what’s not working in your life and how to change it for the better. As a spiritual mentor, for those interested in spirituality, I know how to go beyond the ego issues to the deeper Awareness that you are.

In either case, we’re not going to look at what’s wrong with you, so much as what’s happened to you and how you developed a set of strategies to cope with life. Often the strategies work in the original situation (home and family, whatever that was like) but, not in your current situation.

In the current culture, emotional neglect is rampant. Our parents, teachers, and religious leaders almost never learned how to identify and talk about their emotions. They never learned how to deal with thoughts by figuring out which of their thoughts were true, and which were false. They never learned how to determine if their emotions came from false thoughts and bad assumptions or from true causes. So, only in rare cases did they ever provide you with the kind of help you needed to understand yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, your motivations and where they come from. Nor did they know how to help you learn to soothe yourself.

Working with me on a psychological level, together we’ll figure out what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, and how to use thoughts and feelings in a beneficial way. This isn’t ‘positive thinking’ it’s a much deeper understanding of yourself. Paying attention to truthful and relevant thoughts and feelings can make a huge difference in the direction of your life.

If you’d like to work on a spiritual level, I can teach you meditation and mindfulness practices that I’ve been working with, personally, for 35 years. These will get you in touch with a deep, silent, pristine aspect of yourself called Awareness. In conjunction with the psychological education above, you will be able to make very fundamental changes that create ever-increasing peacefulness, compassion and truthfulness in your life.

Over time, working together means that things will get easier. I work hard, offering you constructive dialog, lots of questions, and ‘homework’ to help you to integrate your understanding of yourself into real change in your life.

If you’re serious about working with me, you’re willing to work equally hard, by committing to the following responsibilities:

  • Four weekly sessions in a row, at the beginning of your work with me.
  • Weekly or bi-weekly sessions after the initial four sessions.
  • Book your own appointments on my website and pay the fees and copays when you book. (Or pay me by cash or check at the time of the session.)
  • Make changes in your life based on the insights you gain in therapy and/or spiritual mentoring.
  • Cancel with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice, or pay the full fee for the missed session (unless seriously ill, or family emergency).
  • Tell me when you’re ready to stop working together and say a formal goodbye. “Ghosting” is not acceptable in your work with me.

I accept seven insurance policies: Aetna, Meritain and Trustmark; All Savers, Optum, United Behavioral Health, and United Healthcare. You pay your deductible until it’s met, then pay a copay (usually $15 to $50 per session.) I bill your insurance company directly via electronic billing and they pay me the balance.

For all others, I maintain a simple sliding scale based on verifiable annual income (the summary page of last year’s income tax return).

  • If you make under $100,000 per year, you pay $100 per session.
  • If you make $100,000 to $200,000 per year, you pay $150 per session.
  • If you make $200,000 to $300,000 per year, you pay $250 per session.
  • If you make above $300,000 per year, you pay $350 per session.

Come and have a cup of tea and an initial conversation (the usual fee applies) so that we can discover if we work well together. Send me an email via the contact form to arrange a visit.

(If you’d like, you can read more about how I work with you, and about my background.)

I work in my office for people who live in Pennsylvania and are interested in psychotherapy and/or spiritual awakening and on video for those around the world interested in spiritual awakening. (My license doesn’t cover out-of-state psychotherapy.) 



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