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You’re here looking for someone who understands your: suffering, discontent, malaise, anxiety and depression. I do understand it. Having lived in the human condition for 66 years now, I’ve been through all kinds of suffering. I’ve spent my life learning how to break out of that suffering and then teaching others to do that too.

For a long time, I worked with physical suffering as a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York City. What happened, though, was that people were always talking to me about their deeper problems. Eventually I got training in Energy Medicine, and then in Psychology, and finally in Yoga and Meditation, so I could help people with those deeper problems.

As my own life and interests evolved, I took the path of Enlightenment and completed the path. For a long time, I thought that psychological and spiritual growth had an end-point and that spiritual Enlightenment was ‘it.’ However, that was a misperception, since patterns keep arising that need to be dissolved, so that new suffering isn’t created. Awareness in Form (the human being) is continually evolving and changing and the fixed identity we try to hold onto is one of the major reasons we suffer.

I’ve come to see that your suffering and mine ends in any moment when we address whatever patterns are left over from childhood experience, trauma, and the attempts to adjust to a changing and confusing world. Even new patterns formed yesterday can start you suffering today if they lead to a fixation in identity, and keep you from being the flexible, infinite, eternal awareness that you are.

The world has become a bewildering place.  The old paradigm of “the American Dream or First World dream” has fallen apart, it’s model of infinite growth on a finite planet: unsustainable. The path to ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ seems confused and muddled. The natural world needs our help but, everywhere you look our culture is conflicted about how to help the natural world while maintaining a decent quality of life for human beings.

During a very confusing time when the world, its corruption and its artifices are being exposed, find out how to heal body, mind, emotions, psychology, and spirit. Find out how to reconnect with Nature, the source of your strength, and to draw from the deep inner silent awareness that you are once you are connected to Nature.  Clear your old patterns and discover what Dreams you want to Dream into Existence now.

After 19 years teaching Enlightenment, 20 years as a therapist and 30 years in the healing fields, I can offer you truthful, authentic dialog, and simple means to learn how to end your own suffering, whenever it started.  I no longer think Licensed Professional Therapist or Enlightenment Teacher are good names for my role. Mentor is what comes closest, it means: (from the Mirriam-Webster dictionary….2a)a trusted counselor or guide, a mentor who, because he is detached and disinterested, can hold up a mirror to us— P. W. Keve.

Come and have a visit with me, drink a cup of tea, and find out whether my comprehensive training and experience matches what you need. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a visit.

Read more about how I work with you, and about my background. Then come and have a conversation with me, to see if I can be an aid in your own growth and healing process.

Recent Writings

A Guide to Enlightenment

A Guide to Enlightenment

Here's a vision statement as I move from therapist to Enlightenment Guide over the next 6 months of 2020: We envision a world where everyone knows that they are Awareness Itself, Truth and Ananda (Love-Bliss-Freedom-Peace) so they can bring peace, open-hearted dialog,...

Alone or All One

Alone or All One

Alone or All One It occurred to me today that when we human beings speak about feeling or being alone, what we mean is that our ego-minds are isolated within ourselves and they end up chattering to themselves.  No one else hears the contents of our minds, except us,...

Integration after Awakening: Deconstructing So-Called ‘Truths’

Integration after Awakening: Deconstructing So-Called ‘Truths’

What happens to you when it dawns on you that what you are is more than your mind and its ideas of itself?  When you discover the Awareness or Consciousness that you are, how does it change the way you live? Since thoughts aren’t the interpreters of reality, they will...