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You want transformation. You’re tired of your self-limiting patterns, downward spiraling emotional whirlpools, “keeping up with the Joneses,” and the whole world of artifice and corruption endemic to modern life.

Transformation is simple, it doesn’t require complicated psychological theories, long analyses, or prolonged spiritual paths under gurus who want your money and your permanent promise to follow  their instructions.

Transformation simply requires:

  • a willingness to dissolve patterns,
  • a dis-identification from your ‘story of yourself,’
  • a willingness to dream your own dreams into existence,
  • and the courage to follow your own lead.

What keeps you ‘stuck’ is simply those old enslavement patterns that operate consciously or unconsciously. You’ll learn to replace stuck patterns with an ability to spontaneously live your own life, make your own decisions, and dream a totally new life into reality.

In a series of in-person 1:1 dialogs and homework assignments, you will begin the process of freeing yourself from old, stuck: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual patterns. You may also add the extra energy of group processes to this, by joining one of The Transformation Place groups.

My work is simple. While I hold a license as a Professional Counselor in Pennsylvania and have also served as a teacher of Enlightenment for nearly 20 years, I now function simply as a: Mentor, mirror, and guide.

As for fees, I accept clients on a sliding scale from $40 to $200 per hour-long session, based on your income. Your annual income, divided by 1,000 is your session fee!

Come have a cup of tea and an initial consultation to see how you can transform every area of your life.

Read more about how I work with you, and about my background. Email me at [email protected] to arrange a visit

Recent Writings

A Guide to Enlightenment

A Guide to Enlightenment

Here's a vision statement as I move from therapist to Enlightenment Guide over the next 6 months of 2020: We envision a world where everyone knows that they are Awareness Itself, Truth and Ananda (Love-Bliss-Freedom-Peace) so they can bring peace, open-hearted dialog,...

Alone or All One

Alone or All One

Alone or All One It occurred to me today that when we human beings speak about feeling or being alone, what we mean is that our ego-minds are isolated within ourselves and they end up chattering to themselves.  No one else hears the contents of our minds, except us,...

Integration after Awakening: Deconstructing So-Called ‘Truths’

Integration after Awakening: Deconstructing So-Called ‘Truths’

What happens to you when it dawns on you that what you are is more than your mind and its ideas of itself?  When you discover the Awareness or Consciousness that you are, how does it change the way you live? Since thoughts aren’t the interpreters of reality, they will...