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Transpersonal Therapy and Guidance towards Spiritual Liberation

Psychotherapy in-person in Buckingham, and online in Pennsylvania.  Spiritual instruction and guidance on the eastern Enlightenment path to Liberation in-person in Buckingham, Pennsylvania and online anywhere in the world.

You’ve worked hard to get here.

At every turn, you followed what you believed to be the “prescription for happiness.”

You have a beautiful home, a rewarding career, a happy family, and close friends; or have tried to gain these things and were thwarted by rampant inflation.

By all indications, you were living what many would call the American Dream or were trying to get there.

However, with rapidly rising inflation and the breakdown of many aspects of society, there’s a lot more external stress in the decade of the 2020s!

Inside yourself, success has not led you to the “promised land” either.

Underneath the pleasant surface, you’re not peaceful or content. You’re stressed. You suffer too much!

You’re often exhausted, anxious, and miserable. Even the ‘escapes’ such as constant phone scrolling now make you unhappy.

And you can feel your body getting tenser and your emotional tone more irritable from lack of sleep and good self-care.

Your life has lost its meaning and satisfaction, and you don’t know how to anchor yourself to peace and stability. You now identify more with stress and suffering than with happiness.  Knowing that you suffer is actually a kind of grace: it sets you on the road to finding a solution to your angst.


The pressure is affecting everything in your life.

Focusing at work is difficult, and you’ve begun zoning out instead of staying focused.

You’re often reactive and lose your temper more than you’d like, even if you’re good at hiding it.

Friends have noticed you becoming more distant, and you regularly cancel plans with them.

You feel incomplete in yourself, and know there’s more to you than this but, you don’t know how to find it.

You are overwhelmed with conflicting thoughts about the past and the future.

You’re trying to make sense of the present moment with thoughts but you can’t.


You’ve tried to find a solution on your own, but it’s no use.

Talking to loved ones is briefly helpful, but you’re afraid to burden them with too much. Plus, they often turn the conversation to their own similar problems. Who’s helping whom?

A pile of self-help books sits on your floor, read and discarded after providing only temporary assistance. It’s difficult to cope with your complex life by adding new strategies to it.

You went to meditation classes, learned mindfulness techniques, and practiced yoga and deep breathing, all in vain. You don’t know how they’re supposed to work together to improve your life.

Working by yourself, you weren’t able to get out of your own way or find the deep peace that you intuit is at the Core of who you are.

Something has to change.

Continuing to struggle in this way is no longer an option.

Even though nothing has worked so far, you’re not ready to give up.

You’re determined to find a way to enjoy life again.

You may even be determined to awaken spiritually, learn to live in the present moment, and move towards Liberation.

Traditional psychotherapy can help all by itself. For the best help though, guidance into spiritual awakening and liberation can help even more.

It’s possible to learn to cope with problems in healthier ways. You can ‘make friends’ with your emotions and physical sensations, not to mention your thoughts!

A life of deep-seated Awareness that includes, love, peace, ease, freedom, and contentment is achievable.

It takes a regular time commitment, financial investment, and courage, but you can transform into the person you want to be and even wake up spiritually if you want. And I can help.

The conceptual outline of my program has been clearly stated in my new book: Being Human and Waking Up: a therapist’s guide for clients and seekers. You can find it on in Kindle and Paperback formats (Paperback is great if you want to start working before we meet and doing some of the writing exercises.) 

You can also find the current list of Podcast interviews that I’ve done here: to give you more of a sense of who I am and how I work. You’ll also find me on YouTube under “SimplyAwake” and on Substack where I write a weekly column called “SimplyAwake.”

Hi, I’m Jonathan.

And for over 24 years, I’ve helped people find the answers they’ve been searching for, including moving far down the path of Enlightenment towards Liberation.

I know how hard it is to acknowledge your emotions, let alone articulate them. But, together, we’ll create a step-by-step plan to help you process what you’re feeling, thinking and doing to simplify your human experience so that you can being to know who you are at your Core, that part of you that loves, feels one with everything, and is at peace.

You’ll learn how to vet your thoughts for truth and accuracy and identify the patterns holding you back. Using mindfulness techniques, you’ll develop the ability to live more presently in the moment where ALL satisfaction is found. And meditation practices can help you find greater self-compassion, acceptance and the deepest Core of what you are.

No matter what you’ve experienced in the past, it’s possible to be excited about your future.

Call me now, and let’s take the first step on this healing journey together.


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Commitment is Needed for Healing & Awakening

Commitment is Needed for Healing & Awakening

I’ve noticed that many people have come to me for help over the years but, if I look at who has been helped, it’s the people who commit to the process of either psychological healing or spiritual awakening. For some reason, commitment seems to be ‘out of fashion’ now....

You have the power
to transform.

It’s time to start living the life of joy, purpose,
and contentment that you deserve.

Get in touch now, and let’s get started!

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