The 3 Keys for Unlocking the Door to Enlightenment


ENCORE PRESENTATION Saturday October 31, 2020 at (U.S. times) 9 am PDT / 12 noon EDT / 4pm GMT

Discover the 3 essential insights that open your personal path to awakening, for a life of abiding peace and contentment.

You aspire to be awake.

You feel the pull to the spiritual path of Enlightenment.

You’ve had glimpses of the vast underlying Awareness that is at your core, and even felt some sense of the eternal and infinite within you.

Yet you haven’t shifted your center of gravity to that Awareness

It seems impossible to ‘get there’ because there are so many competing and confusing paths available, and you have so little time to sift through all of them, let alone to try them all in depth until you find the right one.

So far you haven’t had the time or energy to navigate them on your own while spending so much of your energy and time surviving in this challenging world.

You can read articles and listen to meditation apps on the Internet but, they don’t get you to enlightenment.

Plus, how in the world will you ever be able to perfectly still your mind, calm your emotions, and keep your bodily needs quiet? That kind of perfection is a prerequisite for awakening, isn’t it?

The path of awakening can be simple. Not always easy, but still accessible to anyone. By applying simple truths and insights with potent practices…the way to Enlightenment opens.

The path can be simple if you have a guide who has already explored many paths and discovered the essential practices and understandings for you.

What People Are Saying About Jonathan’s Work…

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jonathan for many years.

I am grateful he continues to share his insights, hopes, and practical spiritual practices with those drawn to the work of living wakefully in our world.

He is a trusted and kind soul.

Amy Wright Glenn

Jonathan has had an amazing impact on my life and introduced me to a way of thinking, or rather being, that I never knew.

He truly changed my life!

Thank you for doing this for as many people as you do, you truly have a great gift.

Andrew Puglia

Jonathan has an uncanny ability to gently guide me away from the often unsettling, fearful, and untrue stories in my mind to a more constant, peaceful and loving place deeper within.

His approach led to a very quick and effective entry to a new chapter in my life.

Suzanne Forbes

I can truly say Jonathan is different. I can see it in his eyes. I can feel his aura radiating truth and authenticity… I like to call this having the “light.”  I believe he has the “light”, and is providing the space required for my soul to become open to the reception of spirit, allowing the light to slowly begin to shine through me.

Michael Longacre

About Jonathan 

Jonathan Labman is a Spiritual Teacher, Licensed Professional Counselor and Transpersonal Psychologist. Having practiced the healing arts for 30 years, including training and/or work as: a Licensed Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine practitioner, and Registered Yoga teacher, Jonathan is uniquely qualified to help you to ingrate all aspects of your human condition, to discover your own Enlightenment.

After awakening in July of 2001, Jonathan felt deeply called to continue his service in the world by introducing people to their deepest nature as Awareness Itself. Since 2004, Jonathan has been leading small groups, assisting them in this enlightenment process. Jonathan’s gift is to take the complex, obtuse, and overly intellectual world of spiritual ‘truths’ and make it simple and digestible.