7/10/2017 Part 2

This moment, you have no past and no future.  There’s no world and no you.  There is simply I AM.  What is it that’s aware of every thought, emotion, and physical sensation.  That’s “I AM.”  What is unchanged by every thought, emotion and physical sensation?  That is “I AM.”  What, accessible to your deepest intuition, and which you’ve had tastes of before, has no boundaries of time or space?  That’s “I AM.”  This is a use of ‘intuition’ to understand your true condition.

To use your intellect to establish your true condition….simply ask yourself ‘is that true?’ about every thought you have about: the future, the world, yourself, and others.  Think scientific truth is true?  Come back in a year, a decade, a century or a millenium.  Think anthropological truth is true?  Do the same.  Are you really called a ‘human being?’  What’s that?  Is this planet really called ‘Earth?’  Who says?  Are we really the only intelligent species in the Universe?  Who knows.  Are we really the only intelligent species on the planet?  Likely not, though we treat other species as if their intelligence is less than ours because it is different.  Can we really say we know that anything is true?  Good question to start with.

Have fun,