Simply Awake: A Direct Path to Expanded Multidimensional Awareness

A LIVE Year-Long Online Learning Community with Jonathan Labman, M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Simply Awake.

Discover the simple, potent insights and practices you can bring to your day-to-day experience to create a life without suffering and open to your nature as infinite, multi-dimensional, immortal, peaceful and content.

You feel the pull to become an fully awake and aware human being… and have likely had glimpses of the deep Awareness that you are.

Imagine…your mind is quiet. You feel at ease and in a state of grace. You’re open and spacious and grounded at the same time. The world and all its challenges are simply a part of the flow of life.

And imagine you’re living in this flow-state all the time, living in the present moment with: clarity, love, patience, kindness and acceptance plus a felt experience of your own eternal and infinite nature

Deep down in your bones, you know that this is the truth of who you are. You know it’s possible to live your whole life like this.

But like most human beings, you repeatedly fall into the endless mind-chatter  while you start feeling all of the resulting emotions that fill your body with adrenaline and make you habitually uncomfortable.

There’s so much to take care of every day, that there seems to be no time to meditate or do the other practices that seem so complicated but are advertised as the answer to your problems.

You may also be holding the idea that somehow you have to stop your thoughts and your feelings from happening or “perfect them” and you’re sure you’ll never manage that.

Like so many of us, you may be afraid that if you do ‘get enlightened’ it will destroy your motivation, your current spiritual or religious faith and your relationships. You fear the isolation and potential self-judgment that might occur if you look at yourself deeply. And, the long meditation practices and retreats sound wonderful but, you don’t have enough time or money to afford them.

We’re taught to discover all the answers OUT THERE… using our senses and our intellect to know everything, enjoy life and to solve all our problems. But the deepest, truest answers are found buried within… in the deepest Awareness you already are, which connects to All that is.

Looking for all of our answers “out there”…outside of our deepest core, whether in the place of mind, intellect and interesting emotion or outside of us in the world and all of its pleasures and conflicts doesn’t work.

Enlightenment is often presented to you as something else ‘out there’ that you have to achieve through hard work (perhaps lifetimes of it!) using esoteric and unusual practices only available with long study of complex traditions.

In addition, you’re taught that you have to be perfectly free of your thoughts, emotions and bodily needs but that is impossible. So how can you ever identify with the perfect brilliant Stillness that you are?

When you come to understand that Enlightenment is found by uncovering the Awareness that you already are, you will see that it’s not ‘out there’ somewhere and it’s not ‘impossible to achieve.’ It simply needs to be uncovered: it’s already within you. 

By dissolving your misunderstandings of what Enlightenment is and how to ‘get there’ and learning some simple and accessible practices and insights, you can move quickly towards experiencing yourself as the deep, infinite, timeless Awareness that you already are.

That’s why I created Simply Awake: A Direct Path to Enlightenment. Through the introduction of simple practices that can be done in the course of your normal day, and the introduction of simple concepts about being human, in a year’s time (26 sessions, one every two weeks) you’ll have a clear understanding of what Enlightenment is, and how to live in this condition.


In this course you will fundamentally understand Enlightenment and either be living in this fundamental condition, or well on your way towards that goal. 

The goal will be clearly defined and the obstacles, if there are any left, will be well mapped out so you know how to overcome them.

By the end of this year-long program, you’ll experience:

  • Your ‘center of gravity’ moving from the dreamstate of continuously arising, temporary thoughts and feelings to a solid identification with your deepest Awareness and Reality.
  • The deep contentment of an increasing, daily experience of the peace that passes understanding.
  • An exponential decrease in all of your unnecessary suffering.
  • A clarity that comes from dealing with your thoughts, and knowing how to discern the true from the false.
  • A capacity to feel and deal with your emotions, and to know which ones to pay attention to and use for positive change, and which ones to let dissolve.
  • An ability to drop out of the tangle and thoughts in an instant, into the deep spacious Awareness that you are.
  • A knowing that The Rock of Awareness, the stable, still Center that’s your Core will hold you safe through all inner and outer challenges.

My Personal Journey: Discovering Enlightenment


I had a tumultuous childhood: deeply disturbing, unremembered trauma at home, bullying at school, and parental divorce at 6. I was “shellshocked, depressed, shy, anxious, emotionally numb, physically uncoordinated, and clueless about ‘why.’ The religion of my youth was devoid of any felt warmth or depth, so I began an exploration of other paths at 15.

At 16, I won a scholarship to international school in the United Kingdom and got the first relief from family and peer abuse.  Because of extraordinary circumstances, I saw my scholarship as proof of a Higher Power, which began an intensive search for answers to life’s suffering. I began to explore physical healing, psychotherapy, and dogmatic religious paths that promised ‘family,’ ‘redemption,’ and feelings of purity.

After living in an evangelical Christian cult for seven years in my 20s, I determined that dogmatic, harsh religion was a dead end. I discovered that spirituality was what I needed.

Through years of spiritual practices (some useful,some harmful), psychotherapy, and educational accomplishments, I discovered the Eastern Enlightenment traditions, then Yoga as an enlightenment path, and eventually spiritual awakening in July 2001.  During these years, I  got licensed or certified in Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga Instruction and got Master’s Degree credentials and licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Exploration after awakening helped me to refine my essential teachings, to help others avoid the confusion of unnecessarily complex paths and misunderstandings.  My students started getting Enlightened themselves.

Years after my own awakening, external events conspired to help me remember my trauma. Through this shock, the Awareness that I knew myself to be held me centered, and I was able to recover. During that time, I even became Director of a Trauma Treatment Project at a large mental health agency, where I helped to educate other professionals to work with clients’ trauma.

I bring the understanding of recovery from deep trauma, plus how to make complex ideas and practices simple for my clients and students. It’s my passion to work with you to help you to heal, integrate and discover Enlightenment too.

What People Are Saying About Jonathan’s Work…

Jonathan is a joyful gift to the world – a humble, authentic expression of love. He taught me how to love and accept myself, and how to gently release expectations of myself, others, and situations. He helped me to free untrue thoughts and old conditioning. The most valuable lesson I learned was the concept of presence, and how to bring it into my daily life. He is open to new information and perspectives, as he is truly a lifelong learner. I am now a meditation teacher, and I always credit Jonathan as the one who opened the door for me, showing me the path towards my true Self. 

Pamela Doehner Scott

I worked with Jonathan for a couple of months and had a very unique therapeutic experience with him.  Not only is he intuitive and kind but he sets one up on the path to enlightenment and peace. I just felt so comfortable with him, knowing he was not judging , just listening, helping and guiding.  I learnt so much from my sessions. I learnt to trust my intuition, understand my fears, challenge my thoughts and be mindful and present.  Jonathan is an enlightened man. It was a pleasure working with him.

Durriya Shamsi

One take-away of working with Jonathan has been a greater ability to return to the present moment.  Future events are uncertain, filled with promise of both danger and reward.  While those promises are only ideas in the present, the distraction or pain they cause is quite real, sometimes stronger than the events themselves.  My focus, or attention, still shifts frequently to the future and the past but my ability to recognize this shift and return to the present moment have improved through practice.  This has allowed for better decision making and overall enhanced well-being.

Jeffrey J Heath MBA, BSN, RN

My work with Jonathan began at a transitional, unsettling and challenging time. He has an uncanny ability to gently guide me away from the often unsettling, fearful, and untrue stories in my mind to a more constant, peaceful and loving place deeper within. His approach led to a very quick and effective entry to a new chapter in my life, and I continue to enjoy working with him.

Suzanne Forbes

You have really made an amazing impact on my life and introduced me to a way of thinking, or rather, being aware of things I never knew. You’ve changed my life Jonathan, truly. Thank you for doing this for as many people as you do, you truly have a great gift.

Andrew Puglia

I met….Jonathan, a man that has forever changed my life…I can truly say Jonathan is different; I can see it in his eyes, I can feel his aura radiating truth and authenticity, and I intuitively know that he is a vessel in which Brahman flows through. I like to call this having the “light”… He has taught me much about our true nature as consciousness itself, non-dualism, the illusory nature of “I”, the ego and its common patterns, mindfulness, and the importance of a meditation practice. Through my work with him, I finally was able to see  my purpose on this earth…

Michael Longacre, Graduate Student

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Because the year-long live, video-based community learning experience includes 26 modules of content, I’m going to summarize them by themes here. We will touch on these themes in a basic order but, as is the case with something that touches every aspect of your lives like spirituality does, they will be woven in and out of all of our 90-minute sessions together.

Theme 1: Enlightenment is available to all people

The Divine or Awareness or Consciousness that you think is only ‘out there’ is also ‘in here’ within you right now, as you read these words. We’ll be noticing how you’ve already had lots of experiences of Awareness, even if you’ve never before related them to your search for Enlightenment.

Theme 2: Perfection is not necessary for Enlightenment; skill is.

It’s not necessary to perfect your thoughts, words, feelings, physical sensations or deeds to uncover your own Awareness. It is, however, necessary to deal with them skillfully, and be able to “see through them.” We’ll work with four basic conceptual frames:

  1. What thoughts are and how to separate attention from thought, by working with thoughts using a model called “Taming the Three-Ring Circus of Your Mind.”
  2. What emotional feelings are and how to work with them by discovering what are: lie-based emotions, truth-based emotions that fuel action, and truth-based emotions that lead to surrender.
  3. What body sensations or physical feelings are and how to work with them to discover your truth. Why it’s important to take care of the body, learn to breathe deeply, and learn to listen to it as your ‘truth meter.’ The body lies a lot less than the mind does!
  4. What sense perceptions are and how to use them to focus your attention and train your general or peripheral awareness.

Theme 3: Simplify your spiritual practices with my Three Essential Practices.

All of these can be practiced at some point in your ordinary day without undue sacrifice of your work and home life. No malas, mantras, special clothes, jewelry, elaborate rituals or specially built home environments are necessary!

  1. Meditation: Including how to do it, what to do, when to do it, and what its immediate benefits are.
  2. Practicing being Present: Aka Mindfulness, or “living in the moment”, including how you can do this at almost any moment in the day, whatever else you’re doing….this is a form of meditation where your eyes are open and you simply shift your attention.
  3. Thought Busting: Being able to separate yourself from your thoughts and invalidate them if they’re false, is an important part of being able to return to experiencing yourself as Awareness in the present moment. Since you live in a modern world and are bombarded with communications from many sources, this is a critical modern practice for discovering enlightenment.

Theme 4: Move into Awakening and into a full experience of Enlightenment.

You can continually be moving towards a stable experience of Awareness and will come to understand what the mystics mean by being Enlightened or Awake. We’ll also look at some of the “myths of enlightenment” and what it is not. Some basic understandings are that:

  1. Awareness is within you.
  2. Awareness is also all around you and what you’re looking at.
  3. The Transcendent and Here-and-Now 3 Dimensional Reality (The Immanent) are equally important, one doesn’t take precedence over the other. Both exist simultaneously with no conflict.
  4. Common distractions arise to keep us from a full understanding of Awakening; we’ll take a look at them so you can avoid them!

Reccommendations From Other Teachers

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jonathan for many years.

I am grateful he continues to share his insights, hopes, and practical spiritual practices with those drawn to the work of living wakefully in our world.

Jonathan Labman is a trusted and kind soul.

Amy Wright Glenn, MA, Founder of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath, and Death

I have known Jonathan Labman for over twenty years and he is always learning, exploring, and teaching from the depths of his inner experience.

His calm, awakened nature allows each student to find a resonance with their own deeper wisdom and connection to source.

I highly recommend him as a teacher.

Dani Antman, healer, teacher, author of Wired for God, Adventures of a Jewish Yogi

Here’s What You’ll Receive


✓ 26 bi-weekly LIVE course teaching sessions, combined with.

✓ 26 bi-weekly interactive group discussion and question and answer sessions.

✓ Video recordings of the presentations.

✓ Telegram group membership for between-session community discussion and contact.

✓ Optional live small group interactive sessions on the week opposite the week the course is presented.

✓ Optional additional individual guidance sessions with Jonathan.

✓ 30-day Moneyback Guarantee: if you don’t wish to continue with the course, you can withdraw in the first 30 days for a full refund.

Course Bonuses


✓ Early Registration Bonus: Free half-hour discovery session with Jonathan, to introduce yourself privately and express your personal questions and concerns.

✓ Instant Registration Bonus: Free copy of Simply Awake eBook.

A copy of the original eBook: Taming the Three-Ring Circus of Your Mind.

A recorded video of Jonathan transmitting essential meditation techniques.

Private Blogposts for your seminar cohort.

A 20% savings on individual hour-long guidance sessions with Jonathan (via videoconference technology).


Our Learning Community

“It’s an online Community, as well as a Course.” The intention to discover the Awareness that is your deepest nature and transform your life, creates strong momentum in your life and is also a good basis for camaraderie.

Because Awareness is the foundation for morality, you’ll be able to test how well it works to consider that the other people in this course are the same Awareness that you are, and need to be treated with the same care and dignity that you would want for yourself. You’ll practice this model with others during the 12 months of this course.

You’ll be part of a community of 20 people at most, participating in this 12-month journey. Because everyone will pledge to keep communications confidential within your group of students, you will be able to interact with each other honestly and openly. You will be able to exchange ideas and comments in a private, monitored Telegram group, and via email any time you wish. Also, Jonathan will be available to answer questions between meetings via email and on the Telegram Group page.

Our year long course begins on Tuesday November 10th, 2020.

The price includes all bonuses available to you:

✓ eBooks or Private Blogposts for your group

✓ Access to your private Telegram group

✓ Discounts on individual sessions and small group sessions with Jonathan.


Three payment options:

About Jonathan Labman

Jonathan Labman, M.A., E-RYT, LPC, LMT is a working psychologist and Enlightenment teacher with thousands of hours of expertise with individuals and groups.  His mission is to help people discover the Awareness at their core, and live with: integrity, love, presence and a commitment to bring their gifts to the world.  For the last 20 years, he’s taught hundreds of people to meditate, practice mindfulness, and work to defuse their powerful and destructive thought constructs. Leading small Discovering Enlightenment groups since 2005, Jonathan has helped people in his small groups awaken as Awareness Itself. Years of refining this teaching has led to the development of this learning community.

Jonathan began his healing journey as a psychotherapy client, and by studying acting in NYC at the William Esper Studio. Following the “Living in the Moment” practices of that work, he spent years working with Eastern Enlightenment teachers in NYC. To begin to help others heal, he became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1992, an Energy Healing in 1998, a counseling psychologist in 2000 (Master’s Degree), and a 500-hour certified Yoga teacher in 2001.  He also completed additional trainings in suicide prevention and trauma treatment.

In private practice for most of his 20 years, Jonathan also worked at a large, local, mental health facility called the Penn Foundation as an Outpatient Therapist in a Recovery Center for addictions.  During his time there, his work with trauma led to his role as Director, The Trauma Treatment Project and later Director of Training and Education. Always striving to help clients, Jonathan discovered that the simplest practices and concepts are the most powerful.

Jonathan has written three books and contributed to two others.  His own titles include: An Ordinary Being, Simply Awake: Spiritual Enlightenment the Simplest Thing, and Taming the Three Ring Circus of Your Mind. He also contributed to the books: The Second Birth, and Dancing in the Fire.  His forthcoming book entitled Simply Awake: A Direct Path to Enlightenment will be released in early 2021.

Jonathan is an active member of Rick Archer’s Association for Spiritual Integrity (Rick is founder of the podcast “Buddha at the Gas Pump”). He is also a member of the Institute for the Study of Birth, Breath and Death, founded by Amy Wright Glenn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course?

This simply means a course that is run via computer technology, rather than in-person, in a classroom.  It is still a ‘live’ and ‘real-time’ course where people assemble and Jonathan teaches, answers questions and facilitates discussion.

Do I need any special equipment?

You need a computer with a camera and microphone, plus a connection to the Internet.

What if I miss a Live session or Question and Answer Period?

Video instruction sessions and the Q&A will be recorded.  The recordings will be available for you within a week of the original meeting.  You may also ask questions online in the special Telegram group that will be established, or write to Jonathan privately.

What are the dates and times for the sessions?

Our sessions begin on Tuesday November 10, 2020 at 8PM U.S. Eastern Standard Time (7 Central, 6 Mountain, 5 Pacific). They occur once every two weeks after that for a year; in other words, there will be 26 sessions over a one-year period.

If I can’t attend each live session, what do I do?

You can “attend” an occasional session by watching the video recording. However, the commitment that you’re making is to be at all sessions ‘live’ for the year.  If you need to miss one due to a pre-planned vacation, rapid onset health crisis or family emergency, that will be okay.  No more than five of the 52 live sessions, however, can be missed during the year. If you miss more than that, you will be dismissed from the course without refund.

If I need more support, are you available for individual sessions?

Yes, individual hour-long sessions are available via a different, encrypted, videoconference platform. Jonathan is offering a 20% discount on his individual student session price of $100, for all members of this class. (So the price per session is $80 U.S.) Small group sessions are also available with groups of 2 to 4 people for $80 for the hour (split by the number of people in the group.

Do I have to finish the course in a certain time period?

The whole learning community will be moving through the course in a one-year period, so ‘yes’ you are required to move along with us at the group’s pace.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality will be maintained at all times. Question and Answer sessions, and group interactions via email or on a Group Meeting technology like Telegram will be strictly confidential.  This means that you may not share the experience of another course member, outside of the course, with anyone not taking the course.  We’re not recording last names during Question and Answer sessions, so that confidentiality is maintained.

Do I need strong internet skills to do this course?

No, the teacher doesn’t have strong Internet skills, so the students won’t need them either!

Does the course require specific knowledge or experience?

No. It may be helpful to have read some background material but, none is required.