An Easy Guide to the ‘Flow State.’

Have you ‘had it’ with broken promises of a better life? Had enough of long-term psychological and spiritual paths?

Learn your stuff and SPREAD YOUR WINGS!  That’s my approach: no nonsense.

I won’t name names, but SOME teachers feel it’s a great idea to get followers hooked to their products and services forever. A former teacher still has the same students working with them after 15 years.

This is the old GURU model and I’ve been there. It’s painful, stultifying and disempowering.  This is what does not belong in the new world we are creating.

You don’t need a spiritual king or queen giving you orders for the rest of your life.  Hate to tell you but, that’s slavery. You need to learn to draw on your own divinity and arrive at your own clarity.

This means, you won’t need to suffer needlessly by trying to fit into someone else’s path:  matching their idea of how to get to some magical ‘there’ where all of your problems are solved…forever.

(No more problems forever is a classic Enlightenment MYTH, by the way. It is a lie.)

Instead, you become the best version of you and life will get easier. Most moments of most days, you can live in a ‘flow state’…the magical condition that you’ve been taught is so hard to get to.

Simple ideas and practical suggestions are how I can help you make this happen.

What does this ‘flow state’ look like?

  • Better relationships with friends and family
  • More time spent doing what you love
  • More relaxation and less stress hormones making you tired and cranky
  • More clarity and less confusion (ahhhh… a ‘clear’ mind 😊)
  • An ability to move from one activity to another without ‘clenching up’ and worrying yourself to death…..the flow.

Who wouldn’t want this?  People who don’t believe it’s possible.

And they never realize what they are missing.  Convinced they have to do things the HARD way.  Struggle, work their butts off long hours at a job they hate, do convoluted and difficult spiritual or psychological practices, etc. All unnecessary.

What I’m doing now is making things as simple as possible for people who work with me. It does take some commitment and time but, you can learn how to:

  • Recognize your thoughts and distinguish between true and false ones.
  • Learn that false thoughts produce useless emotions.
  • Learn what to do with real emotions from real events.
  • Learn how to live centered in the present moment by staying in touch with your body and senses.
  • Learn how to communicate clearly.
  • Learn how meditation can open you to eternity and infinity.

So this is the work I’m doing now.  It does take some commitment and time, but it is way easier and quicker than most people think.  That’s why I’m offering a new package.  You get:

  • 10 hours of love and wisdom during 10 weekly sessions to encourage and support living in a ‘flow state.’
  • Weekly email check-ins halfway to your next appointment, to make sure you are always on track with your dreams.

If you are ready to take this step you can contact me via [email protected]. Whatever your regular sliding scale rate is (annual salary divided by 1,000), we’ll discount that a further 10% if you commit to 10 weekly sessions between now and September 30th, 2021.

Stay in Touch!

As always, I’d love to hear from you, even if you aren’t ready to sign up for this new program or anything else.

Email me and let me know what obstacles you’d like to get over today and if you want me to, I’ll email you back and suggest how you might do that.

Here’s to living ‘in the flow.’