What are your enslavement patterns?

“What do you mean,” you’re thinking, “I’m a free person!”

Are you really free, though? Are you free to be fully and spontaneously yourself in each moment, dreaming your life into existence one action at a time?

I’m betting that you’ve got lots of patterns: mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual, that keep you locked into “doing it the same way as always” even though you’d like to be spontaneous.

I call these ‘enslavement patterns.’

Either they come from the dominant culture or your family or teachers who said ‘you must do this or be this or buy this or you’re a failure.’ Or they could come from sometime long ago when you decided that you would do your ________ (fill in the blank, could be laundry/brush your teeth/drive your car, etc.) in a particular way.

Now instead of creating yourself anew in each moment and changing your identity and behavior to align with the current situation, you’re stuck. Any kind of ego fixation is slavery since your ego is a mirage.

So, Yes, you’re ENSLAVED to an old pattern.

How do you break an enslavement pattern?

It’s pretty simple: you notice that you’re ‘compelled’ by some kind of habit (of thought, word, feeling or action) and decide to dissolve the habit on the spot.

One cool thing my own mentor taught me this week is that you can feel how that pattern is configured in your body and nervous system, then take a deep breath and just relax out of that whole physical configuration with breath.

Now that you’ve noticed the pattern and relaxed it in your body, what spontaneous action wants to arise in its place? It will be much more aligned with who you are NOW, not who you think you are based on something you did 20 years ago.

The new action will be more intuitive, incorporate all the wisdom you’ve gained in your life, and be a much better fit for the current situation.

All psychological and spiritual change could be approached in this radically simple way. Or you could keep slogging it out, ‘fighting with it,’ or ‘working on it’ endlessly.

Your choice.

This Is the Kind of Work I Do Now

It’s not traditional therapy or spiritual enlightenment work. There are no complicated theories, practices or methods.

We look at patterns that conflict with your spontaneous uprising impulses and actions. I help you to dissolve the pattern and notice who you are underneath of it and what you want to do now.

I do this in individual sessions and group sessions. The groups are more relaxed and fun than any groups I’ve ever run. (Oh it rhymes….yikes!)

To try it out, make an appointment via https://simplyawake.com/shop and then choose Individual Mentoring session.

I work on a sliding scale based on 1/1,000th of your annual income per one-hour session. (Minimum is $40, maximum is $200.)

Do something different this summer: break an enslavement pattern!

Cheers, and much love,