Heckle, Jeckle and Speckles, My Favorite Laying Hens say “Howdy and Welcome.”

Happy Wednesday, May 12, 2021 

Wow, there’s lots going on this week. Spring has truly sprung, including popping a sprocket in my creative mind.  Hope you enjoy this week’s offerings!

Tip of the Week:

If you’re having trouble with insomnia, try ‘tightening up’ your sleep schedule and making sure you’re in bed by 10:30pm or so.  The 5,000 year old Chinese Medicine system says that we get a ‘second wind’ at 11PM that may keep us up until as late as 3AM. It’s happened to me more than once over the years.

Not only that but, you want to stop consuming all electronic media at least one-half hour before bedtime.  The ‘blue light’ can affect your sleep-wake rhythm, and the contents keep your mind whirring.  It’s also good NOT to have any electronics on in your house overnight. Save yourself and the environment.  (I know, you may have a “fear of missing out” but do you really need to be ‘available’ all night.) Better yet, turn your Wi-Fi router off too, you won’t miss the electron bombardment.

More New Services:

Jon Can-Do (your local version of “Marie Kendo”) People have difficulty ‘clearing out’ their:

  • old wardrobe,
  • computer files and
  • household goods.

I’ve been enjoying purging old things and organizing for many years, and in combination with my ability to look at the emotional/psychological reasons for holding onto things, I’m offering my services to help you do a really thorough ‘clear up.’ I will come to your home to help ‘in situ’ as we work with the objects and your emotional/psychological attachment to them.

The donation is $25/hour minimum and up.

In the Garden. For the last 10 years, I’ve been creating a permaculture garden from what used to be our front and side lawns. The emotional benefits of being in Nature and gardening are astonishing.

Come to my home:

  • visit my garden
  • meet my dog and chickens,
  • let me teach you the basic benefits of gardening
  • give you some beginner ‘how to’ instructions
  • teach you how to have a felt experience of grounding or “earthing.”

The donation is $25/hour minimum and up. Mornings 9:30AM Monday-Friday.

Groups in the garden may begin meeting once per month: I’ll announce that here.

New In-Person Groups:

As my role changes to Mentor and Elder, I’m offering a new type of group called “The Transformation Place.” Join the group to use the energy and commitment of your facilitator and the people in the room to help you to identify and delete obstructive patterns more easily than usual and dream new things into existence for yourself and the world.  One client commented last Thursday that “the meeting was like three sessions in one.” The group takes new members once per month, minimum donation is $20 and new openings occur June 1st for Monday and Thursday 7PM evening groups.   See: http://www.simplyawake.com/local-groups/ for more information.

In-Person Half-Day Retreat on Saturday May 22nd from 9:30am to 1:30pm

Join me for a half day of meditation, contemplation on what your next dreams are and the obstructions to those dreams, and some practical help to delete the patterns and complete the dreams. Email me at j@simplyawake.com for more details. By donation with $20 minimum.