I’ve been working with a new mentor who lives in Florida.  He’s teaching me to use what’s in front of me to notice awakeness.  When you stop thinking, what remains of you? It’s good practice to melt into your surroundings by stopping your thoughts and noticing that you’re just perceptions…you’ll do it one day when you die, so you might as well start now.

If you allow them, perceptions (all sensory input) will crowd out every last thought including the idea that there’s a ‘me’ in here somewhere, a ‘self’ if I can just find it.  Search all you want but, you won’t find that self.  What you’ll find is a whole bunch of perceptions.  Not perceiver-perceiving-the perceived, just perceptions.

What has also been discovered is that action is spontaneous and then the mind explains it afterwards, or doesn’t.  Much truer when it doesn’t.

If you want to wake up and need some help, contact me at j@simplyawake.com.  It is possible and it’s a lot less complicated than most religions make it.