Gay and Bisexual Men Have No Map to Follow

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Coming out was just the beginning.

You’ve dealt with terrifying challenges for as long as you can remember.

As a gay man, you’re in an attacked minority with little support that understands your experience.

Your parents felt betrayed that you didn’t tell them sooner, and you’re still unsure how to repair that relationship.

You don’t fit neatly into any sexuality label, and it feels like there’s no one you can talk to.

You feel lost.

Now that you’re ‘out of the closet,’ you still don’t know where you fit in or how to find your community.

You wonder if it was worth it on darker days because you’re still lonely.

Coming out, you lost some straight friends, and you’re still finding your way into the community.

You feel like you’re finally beginning this relationship with yourself but don’t yet know how to create an authentic life.

Find your way forward.

I offer a safe and affirming place to be yourself and help you to find answers to your questions.

Having been through all of this personally, I wanted to dedicate a portion of my practice to other Gay and Bisexual men.

In our sessions, you’ll learn how to test the truthfulness of your thoughts and assumptions.

We’ll look at how to track your emotions to their source, name them, and learn from them.

I get it.

Working with gay and bisexual men for 23 years, I know the roadblocks.

You’ll learn to assess your environment for safety and turn the ‘editor’ off when you don’t need it.

Your strength, resilience, emotions and creativity are gifts to be harnessed to build a life you love.

Hone your skills in relating to other people with effortless and practical tools.

Experience the vibrant gay life you deserve.

Enjoy the experience of being yourself, living in each moment simply and honestly.

Celebrate your sensitivity, creativity, and your way of being a man.

Understand who you are and what you need to attract the love you want into your life.

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