When you boil down all psychological and spiritual work to its essence it’s this: change is simple. Delete the patterns that you’ve learned from others, and be the spontaneous, free being you are as you meet each moment.

You’ve learned multitudes of things from others who say they have your best interest at heart: parents, teachers, politicians, media figures, religious and spiritual figures, health and diet experts, etc. None of it really works for YOU though, at least not for long.

What will work is:

  • listening to yourself and particularly your own body,
  • noticing and honoring the arising, spontaneous impulses to love, be truthful, and dream new dreams and solutions into existence and
  • eliminating all ‘noise’ (patterns that no longer work) that comes from either inside or outside of you that get in the way of that arising impulse.

Most psychological and spiritual work seems long, tedious, and in service to the patterns of the psychologists or spiritual teachers you work with.  Change is much easier than that.

Identify the obstructing pattern, disidentify from it, and see what magic starts moving through you.

I’m Here to Help

  1. Individual sliding-scale sessions (based on your yearly income divided by 1,000 and starting at $40/hour) are available for you.
  2. Groups called The Transformation Place are available for you. Donation is $20 to $50/group.
  3. Sessions in my garden are available if you need to be in touch with Nature, as a help for being in touch with this Moment.

Come and have some magical moments that will transform your life.

Enjoy the beautiful world we live in, in all its natural glory,