Your Grief is Beyond Words

Discover a Safe Place to Heal After Your Loss

Counseling for Grief and Loss in Buckingham and Online Throughout Pennsylvania

The news takes your breath away and makes your heart sink.

Though the doctor kept talking, the words “malignant” and “inoperable” rang in your ears.

Your child was given a life-altering diagnosis.

The friend or family member who seemed “invincible” died in a freak accident.

Now, you have no idea how to process these shattering losses and continue living.

It feels impossible to function.

You feel deluged with grief, drowning in sadness and loss.

There’s nowhere to escape from these feelings.

It feels like you’ll never recover, never feel “normal” again.

Friends inundated you with kindness at first, but now you’re alone.

You’ve heard about the “Stages of Grief,” but you can’t make sense of your grief anymore.

Reclaim your peace.

Our therapy sessions are specially designed to help you process grief safely, on an emotional level.

We won’t try to ‘talk it away,’ I’ll help you make sense of it and learn to move forward.

Therapy creates the space to rediscover your connection to yourself with compassion.

Our sessions allow you to accept your grief and learn that there’s nothing wrong with feeling it.

This allows you to process your emotions and make peace with your grief.

Your healing process starts here.

Through dedicated grief therapy, you’ll discover that your grief is an expression of your love.

This allows you to experience your grief in a positive light and helps you begin to harness that love as a strength.

Give yourself the support you need to process your loss and experience peace.

Find your way back to living after your loss.

We’ll focus on simple tools to help you function while grieving.

Discover a wellspring of empathy and connection through this powerful moment of transition.

Heal your heart to honor the one you’ve lost.

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