Guidance on the Enlightenment Path

Guidance on the Enlightenment Path including Help with Shadow Work

284428808Enlightenment sounds great, but what does it mean?

Let’s face it, it’s difficult to understand what spiritual awakening actually is and Enlightenment is a term used in many contexts.

With the advent of the Internet, there are thousands of teachers, videos, and podcasts telling you they can get you ‘there’ without ever defining where ‘there’ is.

Worse still, traditional and new-age religions are full of scandals: sexual abuse, financial cons, trickery, and double-talk. It’s profoundly confusing, so what’s a seeker to do?

A one-on-one personal connection can be the answer.

The one-on-one teacher/student relationship is how the enlightenment path was traditionally taught. The real work wasn’t done in large groups, but between you and the teacher or guide. I like to use the word ‘guide’ for the role I play because I’m also a student on the path like you are. If I’m farther along I can help you; if not I have some trustworthy people I have vetted and can refer you to.

There are techniques that will work for you and your path, and some that won’t. What you need is a someone with experience on the path to guide you through your journey of awakening and transformation. In particular, when you start looking at the Shadow, all the things that you haven’t noticed about yourself (even some you’d consider positive), it’s helpful to have support and guidance through some very difficult emotional ‘reveals.’

I know the realities and myths of this process and can help you to distinguish what’s possible from what’s not.

It’s time to wake up.

For 23 years I have lived in a state called ‘awake’, and I know how to guide you there. Awakening is a more deeply integrated state, but it doesn’t instantly and permanently solve all your problems or give you the power to work miracles.

Together, we’ll assess where you are on the map of awakening. Then, help you learn four fundamental practices that move you in the right direction: meditation, mindfulness, checking your thoughts for truthfulness, and tracking your physical and emotional sensations. Developing human skills, and living an embodied spiritual life, are essential to an integrated state of spiritual awakening from which you can proceed to continuing, positive, transformation. Enlightenment is a process that begins with spiritual awakening and seems to end with the experience of ‘no self’ but truthfully we don’t know where or when it ends. As an Enlightenment Guide, I am not a permanent fixture in your life; it’s good to start out with regular sessions but then you may leave for long periods of time and come back when additional help is needed.

Your first goal on this path is discovering that the Awareness in you is the same thing as The Absolute/The Divine/Brahman/God. The second goal is realizing that everything created is made of the same Awareness. This is Non-Dual Awareness, because everything you can see, plus everything you can’t see, is made of the same Awareness. Physical life is as sacred as Transcendent or spiritual life.

Let me help you.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I have the psychological training, ethics, and boundaries to guide you where you want to go spiritually and help you integrate your physical life, personal uniqueness and circumstances with your spiritual awakening.

I’ll use the book I wrote in 2023 as an outline to guide our work together. It’s called Being Human and Waking Up. This will help to deconstruct the myths you’ve come to believe about awakening and enlightenment while giving you clear guidance on living an embodied, spiritual awakening.

You deserve to move towards more depth, compassion, love, bliss, freedom, peace, and truthfulness in your daily life. Book an initial one-on-one mentoring session today, by calling me at 267-454-8034, and find out where this journey can take you.