Groups: Please note that due to the pandemic, no groups are currently meeting. It’s too hard for people to commit. Check back here in mid-2022 to see if that has changed.


“The Transformation Place”

“The Transformation Place” is new type of group that focuses on identifying and deleting patterns that bind you into unwanted: behaviors, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and spiritual processes. In 20 years of working with people on the way to psychological integration, and spiritual Enlightenment, I’ve seen that the same kind of work has been done in each ‘journey.’

After helping many people to psychological integration and a few to ‘enlightenment,’ I can now see that neither one is an end goal. Enlightenment is another ‘way-station’ to more complete freedom. This is a freedom:

  1. without any teachings or teacher,
  2. where limiting patterns are constantly being deleted as they’re seen,
  3. to be a spontaneously creative being with Multidimensional Awareness,
  4. to live a moment-to-moment experience and
  5. to identity as both the Infinite/Finite and the Eternal/Time-Bound.

The vibrational frequency of Earth is going up. We can feel and see it demonstrated as people get wiser about what is happening, and that leads to the breakdown of trust in every single corrupt institution (religious, political and corporate), most of which want to make us into some kind of servant or slave of another ‘cause’ and giving us the ‘false identity’ and ‘false belonging’ of ‘group-think’ (or cult).

All patterns are really enslavement patterns, limiting the ability to be totally ‘whoever I am in this moment.’ Any pattern that keeps you bound to a former: identity, set of beliefs, style of clothing, type of speech, type of diet, set of spiritual practices, political agenda, etc. is a type of enslavement pattern. It keeps you from being as flexible as you actually are, and from allowing you to spontaneously grow and transform.

The group energy accelerates growth and the dissolution of patterns: there is more ability to purify and transform old patterns in the energy of many people’s frequencies, with the frequency of a teacher who can impact the group. (Frequency and vibration is, as a transformational method, a very ancient one….I know of it through a brief introduction to Kashmiri Shaivism.) As my vibrational frequency and your frequencies rise together, patterns dissolve with much less effort than ever before.

That’s what the “Transformation Place” will be for.

The Transformation Place” Groups will start to meet every evening as more people sign up. Right now we have one meeting on Wednesday nights from 7 to 8:30PM (except during my vacation in early September).

This group will require the following from its members:

  1. a one-month minimum commitment to attend every meeting, (stay as long as you want after that first four weeks)
  2. will accept new members at the beginning of each month, (so people have the flexibility to come and go as needed and as it benefits them)
  3. will require a minimum donation of $20 per session (more is suggested if you have the income to offer that; maximum $40 per session)
  4. and will meet in my office.
  5. The focus will be on identifying and dissolving any behavioral, psychological or spiritual pattern that no longer serves your Multidimensional Aware Self.

To Join: contact me via [email protected]


Half-Day and Full-Day Retreats

See Retreats for more details.

There are many current clients and others interested in deepening their meditation practices, and asking questions about their spiritual paths.  To facilitate growth, I will be offering a quarterly half-day or one-day retreat on Saturdays once the global pandemic is contained.  This is a unique opportunity to create a temporary community, and to use the group energy to go deeper in your personal meditation practice.

In a question and answer format, you and I will look at what needs to fall away in order for you to be your unique expression, truly and clearly.

Maximum group size is 20, and minimum is 6.  The group is donation-based, and I will make suggestions for minimum donations depending on the length of the groups.  The retreats will occur in my office.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch and beverage.