Groups: Online and In-Person are Available

Transformation Groups

“The Transformation Group” focuses on identifying and deleting patterns that bind you into unwanted: behaviors, thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and spiritual processes. In 22 years of working with people on the way to psychological integration, and spiritual awakening, I’ve seen that the same kind of work needs to be been done on either ‘journey.’

After helping many people to psychological integration and some to spiritual awakening, I can now see that neither one is an end goal. Growth and transformation are continuing processes. This is eventually, a freedom:

  1. without any teachings or teacher,
  2. where limiting patterns are constantly being deleted as they’re seen,
  3. to be a spontaneously creative being with Multidimensional Awareness,
  4. to live a moment-to-moment experience and
  5. to identity as both the Infinite/Eternal aspects of you and the Finite/Time-Bound. aspects.

Life on Earth is constantly changing; some say it’s vibrational frequency is increasing. We can feel and see it demonstrated as people get wiser about what is happening, and that leads to the breakdown of trust in every single corrupt institution (religious, political and corporate), most of which want to make us into some kind of servant or slave of another ‘cause’ and give us the ‘false identity’ and ‘false belonging’ of ‘group-think’ (or cult).

All patterns are limiting the ability to be totally ‘whoever I am in this moment.’ Any pattern that keeps you bound to a former: identity, set of beliefs, style of clothing, type of speech, type of diet, set of spiritual practices, political agenda, etc. is a type of limiting pattern. It keeps you from being as flexible as you actually are, and from allowing you to spontaneously grow and transform.

The group energy accelerates growth and the dissolution of patterns: there is more ability to purify and transform old patterns in the energy of many people’s frequencies, with the frequency of a teacher who can impact the group. (Frequency and vibration is, as a transformational method, a very ancient one….I know of it through Yoga studies, and a brief introduction to Kashmiri Shaivism.) As my and our vibrational frequency and your frequencies rise together, patterns dissolve with much less effort than ever before. That’s what “The Transformation Group” will facilitate. We can also help hold each other accountable to make these changes.

The Transformation Group” meets once per month on a Wednesday nights from 7 to 8:30PM. Dates will be announced as new groups form. One group is currently running now. If you’d like to be in an in-person group, that will be limited to 9 people in my office and will cost $60 per month. If you’d like to meet online, that will be limited to eight people and will be $50 per month.

This group will require the following from its members:

  1. Commitment to attend every meeting from September 2022 through May 2023.
  2. Promise to maintain the confidentiality of other people’s communications during and in-between groups
  3. Commitment to meditate in the group meeting, and to meditate at least 3X per week during the 9 months the group meets.
  4. Willingness to be open and honest
  5. Commitment to identifying and dissolving any behavioral, psychological or spiritual pattern that no longer serves you. This process may take time, so you’re also committing to this over a period of months; transformation isn’t instant.
  6. Agreement to not “ghost “me, or other group members, until the group is over.

To Join: contact me via

Monthly Meditations with Q&A Time and Help on your Psychological-Spiritual Path Starting 12/6/2022

I’m delighted to offer a regular meditation and community gathering. This includes Q&A time, longer teachings from the questions, and help along your psychological and spiritual path.

Join me the first Tuesday of each month, from 7 to 8:30pm (except for July 2023, since July 4th is on Tuesday).

  • We start Tuesday December 6th
  • We’ll do 20 minutes of meditation with 70 minutes of Q&A. Tea will be available.
  • The fee is $20 (cash or check at the meeting).
  • I’ll be moving back across the hall, to my larger office 1300D, as of 12/1/2022.
  • There will be (furniture) seating for 10.
  • Additional floor space is available for those who want to bring a meditation cushion or back-jack.
  • Another monthly night will be offered if there’s enough interest from those who can’t make it on Tuesdays.

The easiest way to commit is to set a recurring appointment on your calendar software, for the first Tuesday of each month! Here are the dates through August 2023:

  • December 6th 2022
  • January 3rd 2023
  • February 7th 2023
  • March 7th 2023
  • April 4th 2023
  • May 2nd 2023
  • June 6th 2023
  • WEDNESDAY July 5th, 2023
  • August 1st 2023. We will determine the schedule for Fall 2023  – Summer 2024 in August.

Retreats in Buckingham, PA

See Retreats for more details.

There are many current clients and others interested in deepening their meditation practices, and asking questions about their spiritual paths.  To facilitate growth, I will be offering a quarterly half-day or one-day retreat on Saturdays. We just finished one on 10/8/22 and the next will be scheduled in January or February 2023. See the “Retreats” page on this website for dates.  This is a unique opportunity to create a temporary community, and to use the group energy to go deeper in your personal meditation practice. I will also be offering additional spiritual healing energies through my work with Vortex Healing, and Metatronic-Living, two Divine-sourced spiritual healing practices that I’ve begun learning.

In a question and answer format, you and I will look at what needs to fall away in order for you to be your unique expression, truly and clearly.

Retreats are in-person and maximum group size is 9.  The retreats will occur in my office or online.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch and beverage. The cost for in-office retreats is $90 for 4 hours, and $140 for 7 hours.