This a new group that will begin meeting on Zoom.  Its goal is to plan for a purposeful transition into a new kind of life after and in the midst of Covid-19 (aka SARS-COV-2). So Afterlife is about how life has been affected by the pandemic, how to make the changes obvious and conscious, and how to deal with them.

This includes discussion of the downturn in the economic and financial conditions that will occur for all but, the top so-called 1%.  Appropriate preparations for the transition from a financialized economy, where everything was turned into a transaction with some monetary value attached to it, to a gift-inspired, barter-inspired and community-inspired economy will be discussed and brainstormed.  How do you create a ‘new story’ for yourself that includes growing and cooking more of your own food, creating community networks of actual neighbors, and enjoying life without buying things on credit.

Spiritual and psychological resources will be discussed and developed.

(More information will be available here soon, check back.)

Format: Zoom Group with up to 20 members.  Fee is $20 per person per meeting.  Some scholarships are available for people who are without work.

Length: People commit to being part of the group every week for 12 weeks.  After the 12 weeks the group can vote to continue in whole or in part (e.g. some people can decide to leave and others stay).


“Discovering Enlightenment” Group

Meditation, Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Uncover the Awareness that you already are.

Anxiety seems to proliferate in our era of social media, cultural disintegration, and crazy government.  Clients who have issues with anxiety often have social anxiety as well. If you can muster up the courage to come to a group, I can offer you three powerful tools to dissolve anxiety: meditation, mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (which I call ‘Thought Busting’).  I offer these same tools to individual clients.

Come join a group of people who are interested in learning to live life more mindfully and in the present moment, and are interested in discovering enlightenment and enlightened living.  You will learn to meditate, to ‘bust thoughts’ and to get more comfortable in a group of new people (useful in your professional and personal life).

The groups run for 90 minutes every other week, for at least 12 sessions,  and include meditation instruction and practice.  Our first group began in January 2018, voted to continue for 18 months!  Another group has been running since October 2018.

The next groups will start whenever I have 6 participants interested.  The Cost is $40/session.  I do not bill insurance for group sessions since they are spiritually-oriented.

I am willing to run as many groups as people want, and as of 2/00/20 groups are available on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, from 7 to 8:30 pm.  I’m also planning second a mid-day group from Noon to 1:30pm every other Friday, for those with flexible schedules, seniors, and those who don’t like to drive at night. To express interest in signing up contact me here.


Half-Day and Full-Day Retreats

See Retreats for more details.

There are many current clients and others interested in deepening their meditation practices, and asking questions about their spiritual paths.  To facilitate growth, I will be offering a quarterly half-day or one-day retreat on Saturdays.  This is a unique opportunity to create a temporary sangha (a community of people looking for what’s true), and to use the group energy to go deeper in your personal meditation practice.

This is also an opportunity to uncover your true spiritual nature and real body-based personality….like a sculptor uncovering a unique shape in a block of stone.  In a question and answer format, you and I will look at what needs to fall away in order for you to be your unique expression, truly and clearly.

Maximum group size is 20, and minimum is 6.  The fee changes according to the length of time we spend together.  The retreats will occur in my office.  Wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch and beverage.