Empty Room pexels-photo-271649Lots of Nothing

I remember thinking that when I ‘woke up’ my troubles would all be over and that people would recognize that something had ‘happened’ to ‘me’ and that ‘I’ would instantly become a teacher to other people.  Hahahahahaha….the ego-mind makes up funny stories, doesn’t it?!  Ordinary life goes on.

This morning I rediscovered that what ‘waking up’ really brings is Nothing.  No inner life at all, rather Inner Silence without effort, no boundaries with ‘the rest of it,’ no permanent ‘self’ at all, no recognition, and No One to care.  I could say that inner silence is ‘blissful’ but, that doesn’t exactly describe it.  Nothing does.

The condition of ‘being awake’ has, of course, nothing to do with the ego-mind at all.  It’s about walking around as The Absolute, and knowing there is actually nothing else being perceived but, The Absolute in all of its various forms, and in its conditions Beyond Form, Energy (Dark or Light) and Matter (Dark or Light).  From an Absolute point of view, I could say that Nothing ever happens, and there is No One else here at all.  “I” don’t exist at all, and so Nobody can or does love a “me.” Nonetheless, love is everywhere that The Absolute is recognizing Itself.  A lovely paradox.

May all who read this ‘wake up’ in this lifetime: it is possible!  Happy Solstice and Happy Holy Days (Holidays)