About Our Work Together

Our Work TogetherIf you’re visiting my website, I know that you’re looking for answers to your suffering.  Perhaps you even aspire to experience Enlightenment.  You want the promised end to all unnecessary suffering talked about by the Buddha and others.

You’d like to get away from the endless mind-chatter that your brain produces, and stop feeling all of the resulting emotions that roil your body with adrenaline and make you feel anxious, depressed, uncomfortable, sad, fearful, angry and upset.  You want some answers as to how to find stability during a global pandemic, when all your markers of ‘normalcy’ have disappeared. You’d like to live in a flow state all the time, living in the present moment with clarity, patience, kindness and acceptance.

But the challenge is that there is so much to take care of every day, that there seems to be no time to meditate or to do the other complicated practices that are advertised as the answer to your problems.  In short, you’re so busy and the path seems complicated or confusing. Also, you’re afraid that if you do therapy, or ‘wake up’ or ‘get enlightened’ it will destroy your motivation, your current spiritual or religious faith, and your relationships.  You already feel isolated and are afraid that major changes due to therapy, let alone enlightenment, will make you more isolated.  You also feel that there is already so much self-judgment that you’re concerned this therapeutic and enlightenment process will create more. It won’t; we deal with that!

And here’s why: progress in therapy, and Enlightenment are often presented as something ‘out there’ that you have to achieve through hard work (perhaps lifetimes of hard work). You don’t know if you have the courage to face yourself. And, if Enlightenment is your goal, you’ve been taught that it requires esoteric and unusual practices only available with complex studies of traditions using other languages, and long meditation practices and retreats that you don’t have enough time or money to afford. This isn’t actually true, though!

When you understand that suffering is reduced, and/or Enlightenment is found by uncovering and discovering the Awareness that you already are, you will see that it’s not ‘out there’ and it’s not ‘impossible to achieve.’ It simply needs to be uncovered within you. You can move from a confused, thought-addicted, emotion-addled life in the “dreamstate” to a life centered in Awareness, truth, and love.

That’s why I created Simply Awake, both as a place for therapy and as group and online courses that are: A Direct Path to Enlightenment.  My promise to you is that through the introduction of simple practices that can be done in the course of your normal day, and an introduction of certain simple principles or concepts about being human, in a year’s time you’ll drastically reduce your suffering and have a clear understanding of what Enlightenment is, and how to discover it.

By the end of our work, you will be well on your way to spiritual Enlightenment or already recognizing this as the fundamental condition that defines you.  Your center of gravity will be moving from the Dreamstate (composed of thoughts and feelings based on falsehoods) to an encounter of your internal Awareness with the rest of Reality.  You will enjoy an increasing daily experience of the peace that passes understanding, and a decreasing experience of unnecessary suffering.


I offer both individual and group work. Group work is on the Zoom video conference platform or in the office (in masks during our global pandemic). In groups, I work to facilitate teaching people how to create real relationships with people, in real community settings: small groups called “Discovering Enlightenment,” and “Afterlife.” I offer individual sessions in the office in a mask or via a videoconference platform called Doxy.me which is a HIPAA-compliant and encrypted technology.

Find out what this means by setting up an introductory consult by contacting me here. If you choose to work with me, be prepared to continue your self-inquiry between sessions, discovering the truth about yourself; the reduction in suffering that you seek, and ultimately Enlightenment comes by grace but, also by effort.

You will see that I also have a different financing and payment structure.  I do accept certain insurances right now.  And my fee structure is flexible enough to encompass those who haven’t got insurance, because they can’t afford it or have lost their jobs, people with insurance (Aetna or UnitedHealthcare), and people who can afford to come without insurance.  See the Fees section on the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.


During the SARS-COV-2 pandemic (sometimes called Covid-19), I’m offering individual, secure, HIPAA-compliant videoconference sessions during the quarantine and the ongoing health challenge once quarantine is over.  These meetings will include normal work as well as pandemic-related issues including the: major fears,  cultural changes and financial challenges that have arisen.  These conversations are important to incorporate into any current therapeutic work and include the difficulty of living with no clear idea of the future (totally in the present moment).

Come and meet me in person, either via videoconference or in a mask in my office.

You can read more about my background here.