About Our Work Together: I function as a Mirror for You.

In my experience, the roles of the “Licensed Professional Counselor” and even “the Enlightenment Teacher” are denigrating to both “therapist/teacher” and “patient/client/student.” They lock us into defined roles that are really seen as pairs of opposites of ‘more than’ (therapist/teacher) or ‘less than’ (patient/client/student). I consider those I mirror as equal to myself, and simply in need of a guide through a short or long-term process of examining their lives to eliminate all constricting and falsely defining patterns and habits.

I will help you discover your ability to heal yourself (so that I eventually become obsolete) by teaching you to see and dissolve any and all patterns that keep you from being the loving, spontaneous, whole, multidimensional being you are. You are already able to bring your Dreams into this three-dimensional reality. I’m here to help you discover how you can do that and what stands in the way! I will keep your ‘confidential information confidential’ and treat you like a whole multi-dimensional person.  .

Find out what this means by setting up an introductory consult by contacting me here. If you choose to work with me, be prepared to continue your self-inquiry between sessions through suggested ‘homework.’ Mirroring you, again, means teaching you how to do the work on your own and eventually leaving you to it, so homework is important.

You will see that I also have a different financing and payment structure depending on the type of work.  For psychological therapy I accept certain insurances: Aetna/Meritain/Trustmark and United Healthcare/All Savers/United Behavioral Health/Optum.  With those insurances, I charge fixed fees according to their schedule, and I do more traditional “therapy” and take notes as required by my license. For those without insurance who still want traditional therapy, I provide a sliding scale explained in the next paragraph.

For weekly spiritual mentoring and weekly therapy for those whose insurances I don’t accept, I am offering a sliding scale basis: you offer one-thousandth of your yearly family income for a one-hour weekly individual session with $60 at the low end (so if you make $60,000/year or less you would pay $60 per hour, make $70,000 pay $70, etc.). The minimum payment for an individual session is $60; the maximum is $250.  The sliding scale rates change if you come less frequently: they increase.


  • For weekly appointments: $60 per hour minimum and $250 per hour maximum until the end of 2022.
  • For bi-weekly appointments (every two weeks): $75 per hour minimum and $250 per hour maximum.
  • For monthly or less frequent appointments: $100 per hour minimum to $250 per hour maximum.

Find out what this kind of therapy or spiritual mentoring means by setting up a fee-paid, introductory consult by contacting me here. If you choose to work with me, be prepared to continue your self-inquiry between sessions, discovering the truth about yourself; and the reduction in suffering that you seek.

You can read more about my background here.