Psychotherapy for Men

Psychotherapy and Enlightenment Guidance for Men

134580503You’re not sure when things got this way.

At some point, you stopped feeling like your confident, successful self and started feeling like a confused, incoherent, irritable ball of stress. The role of men in modern culture leads to inner conflict: You’re supposed to be strong enough to feed, support, and protect your family, without claiming that you’re doing any of that because….you’re not to claim that you’re any different from women.

You struggle to feel emotions beyond happiness or anger. And you go to great lengths to suppress your irritation for fear of exploding and being seen as aggressive and threatening.

No one ever taught you it was okay to have feelings like grief, melancholy, or anxiety, let alone share them with anyone else. The truth is, you don’t even know how to register or acknowledge these emotions.

On top of that, you have a heartfelt desire to be self-actualized, awake, and enlightened in a spiritual (not political) sense, and a deeply spiritual and intuitive nature. Are you supposed to hide this from others (as ‘traditional masculinity’ demands), express this, or ignore it?

This inability to express yourself is affecting everything you do.

You aren’t able to share your feelings or spiritual longings with anyone (especially spiritual longings…people will think you’re crazy, right?) and you can feel your relationship struggling as a result: more arguments and tension-filled silences, less fun and intimacy.

The things that used to matter to you have lost all meaning. You’re stuck on the capitalist hamster wheel of earning and spending, but material rewards don’t matter much to you anymore. In your gut you know that the democratic system has been supplanted by plutocrats and oligarchs who seem to control and corrupt all the avenues for getting ahead.

You spend your time trying to distract yourself with harmless recreation like sports, hunting, fishing, or less traditional distractions. And when that doesn’t work, you turn to less healthy diversions like drinking, substance use, gambling, or overeating. Nothing you try dulls the pain for very long, and you always end up feeling guilty or shameful and restless.

Transpersonal Therapy and/or Enlightenment Guidance can help you find your way forward.

As a guy who grew up with these same problems, I understand you. When I started practicing over 24 years ago, there was still a bit of a stigma surrounding men going to therapy, let alone being interested in spiritual enlightenment. It was seen as a sign of weakness or something only for “crazy people.” But, these days, men of all ages are flooding in to find clarity in confusion, sense in the chaos, and ease where there was only stress. Men are increasingly interested in psychological integration and spiritual enlightenment.

Improving your life requires effort, but you already know how to work hard. You just don’t know how to work hard on yourself. I will help you learn to identify and track your emotions, sensations, thoughts, and behaviors to recognize where they come from and what to do with them. I will help you move through the psychological and cultural ‘black holes’ you feel yourself in, to the freedom and ease of spiritual awakening on the way to enlightenment.

We’ll look at the past to see how it’s affected your view of yourself and the world and apply those insights to your current circumstances. As we distinguish the helpful patterns from the harmful ones, you’ll feel more aware and in control. As you begin to see that there is an Awareness that has always, effortlessly, registered everything arising in your experience and is integrated with that experience, you’ll begin to identify as That.

It’s possible to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

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