The new office is all ready for you. I have openings for new Uncovering Enlightenment groups, and lots of opportunities for shedding your ego and uncovering the radiant, clear Awareness that is your true nature. Individual work is also always available.

We cling so tightly to the little ‘narrator voice’ in our heads that calls itself “I” or “Me” or “My” or “Mine” and paradoxically it’s the source of all suffering. Imagine a bunch of leaves floating on a vast ocean, making rustling noises rubbing against each other, and then assuming those rustling noises are a good definition of what the Ocean is that they float on. That’s the level of accuracy of your thoughts, as they attempt to describe what You are.

It’s actually a tremendous relief to go through the fear of losing yourself, and then to find there’s a great shimmering Awareness underneath that little ‘self’ that frees you from the ego-imposed thought limitations. The need to defend the ‘self’ when it proves that view of you is inaccurate also gradually fades away. What’s left is indescribably peaceful, the peace that passes understanding.

Simply Awake LLC was created to help you uncover that peace that passes understanding. Take a risk to see how it works. Initial consults can be arranged by contacting me.