Fees and Hours

Fee Schedule & Insurance Coverage:

I do accept most major insurance policies.  See the next paragraph.  The Covid-19 pandemic, and its major impairment of financial and economic conditions in this country has been the inspiration to return to a sliding scale if you have no insurance.  If you have lost insurance or employment, or are participating in an insurance network that I’m not participating in, there are now affordable options for you starting at $60 per hour, based on income verification, and sliding up to $200 per hour.  Pay what you can afford: basically it’s 5% of your annual income divided by 50 weeks as the session price.  (Or your annual family income multiplied by .001 = your weekly session fee.  So $60,000 x .001 = $60; $100,000 x .001 = $100; and $200,000 x .001 = $200.  Got it?).  I don’t go lower than $60 per hour, given that I have 20 years’ experience.  If you can’t afford weekly sessions, we can do bi-weekly or monthly sessions.

Those with Insurance

I am in-network with Aetna (and their affiliates Meritain and Trustmark) and United Healthcare (also All Savers,  Optum and United Behavioral Health) and accept their clients for one-hour sessions.  I am also accepting new clients with BlueCross/BlueShield policies; sessions are limited to 45-50 minutes for all of these policies.  You pay your standard insurance-mandated copay by cash, check, PayPal or credit card at the time of the session.  

Payment Methods

You can pay me the day of our session via cash, check, PayPal or credit card.  Credit card and PayPal payments will include a 3% surcharge.  For all services, payment is expected on the date of service, not a day or a week later.  I will not continue to work with you, if you don’t pay me on the date of service.

Office Hours:

Monday through Friday:  Noon to 8PM.

No Saturday or Sunday hours are available. 

Services Provided:

I offer individual and group sessions for therapy and/or with an emphasis on the principles and eventually the experience of Enlightenment.  

Letters, reports and invoices that need to be written are charged for by the quarter-hour at the rate of $100/hour.  I will no longer do these after May 1, 2021.

Please note: I no longer do drug and/or alcohol evaluations, nor do I work with clients who are involved in the criminal court system or on probation. I no longer keep detailed notes for use in filing long term Social Security Disability claims either; if you know that’s what you need, please find a more traditional therapist.

No Obligation Introductory Consultation

An initial consultation is available, without obligation; the introductory consult is billed at the usual rates, as above.  After our meeting, we will decide if we’re a good fit and should continue working together.