Enlightenment Now is a blog to share the experience of Enlightenment with anyone who cares to read about it.  It’s being launched due to an inner impulse that won’t die.  I’ve been Simply Awake for 16 years as of today.  What was Real recognized Itself in/as/through the ‘me’ of the ego-chattering mind and began a process of dissolving most everything that seemed apparently real in this finite life called ‘my life.’  Nonetheless, external circumstances of the 3D world keep ‘me’ chugging along to some extent.  ‘Me’ is an invention of the mind but, since no one has built an ashram around what remains of this person, there is a necessity of interaction with the so-called ‘external world.’  “Before Enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water….After Enlightenment, I chopped wood and carried water.”  In this blog and elsewhere, ‘I’ continue to use ‘I’ and ‘me’ and ‘my’ and ‘mine’ for convenience sake, not because it represents an accurate depiction of reality.

Having had many roles through many ‘jobs,’ my current ‘chopping wood and carrying water” is as a mental health counselor (M.A. with a concentration in Counseling Psychology).  This is now changing because of the above-mentioned inner impulse that won’t die.  My simple goal is to introduce people to their natural condition, what is called ‘Enlightenment,’ as simply as possible.  Three main vehicles can be used to do this: the power of thought to challenge every thought we’ve ever learned until they have no power over us, the power of meditation to give us an intuitive experience of our true nature, and the power of contemplation…asking powerful questions that integrate the intellectual/intuitive understandings.

In the role of ‘psychologist’ I’ve worked with some people who actually awaken to their true nature as ‘I Am’ or ‘Brahman’ or ‘Emptiness’ or ‘Consciousness Itself’ (the labels are approximations and are culturally assigned).  My goal is to work with more people who want to awaken.  The main benefit: you get to leave behind everything false and be everything you truly are.  The cost: your entire idea of yourself, the world, and your place in the world.

To work with me, you can be any age over 21, anywhere in the world in any timezone.  I take no notes, charge no insurance companies, and simply ask for your commitment to try at least three one-hour sessions.  The cost $100 per one-hour session.  We can meet via Skype or in person.  To arrange an appointment write to me via j@simplyawake.com

I will continue blogging on a regular basis, at least once weekly.  Your constructive feedback is welcome as a way to improve this blog.