It’s odd and unusual to have a day with no plans.  Today is such a day.  Who was I yesterday?  The Absolute and only That.  Who am I today?  The Absolute and only That.  Tomorrow?  The same.  Truly, none of us has any idea what the next moment will bring, let alone the next day.  If we allow it to be true, we also have no accurate idea of who we are, except in this Moment.

Practically, what this means is that without a ‘role’ to play or ‘activities to do’ there is only spontaneous action arising today.  Sometimes this means activity is arising, sometimes it means a NAP is arising!  On days like this, there is no self-definition but, that’s true on all days.  On days like today it also means that The Absolute is not stepping into a special role in the Relative arena of three-dimensional time and space.  For some unknown reason, this is especially restful to the body.

This particular day, words aren’t arising easily, so today’s writing is very short.  Some people may like this, others may not.  This is what has arisen spontaneously.

Wishing peace and the uncovering of the Absolute in each and every One who may read this.