Aren’t you sick of all the mental ‘noise’ in the world yet?  In a world of constant talk: texting, tweeting, voicemail, blog posts, news headlines, email, and what remains of faxing and paging….relief is available in Silence.  Deeper than the level of the chatter of your mind, lives your truest essence: Silent Being.  Moving from the upper levels of the mind and its chatter to the deeper levels of Being and its Silence, is a proven remedy for stress, tension, confusion, false assumptions and obfuscation.

You will have noticed by now that neither political party in the United States seems to be capable of telling the truth about much of anything.  You will also have noticed that most ‘news’ stories on the 24-hour cable news cycle, on mainstream media and in the alternative media are really sets of opinions or predictions about the future that are labeled as ‘news.’  They are as much the truth as the statement that ‘I have a crystal ball and can predict the future.’  In recent weeks, I’ve been eliminating some of the blogs, news sites, and news reading that I’ve been doing for the past 9 years.  I find many of them too ‘noisy.’  Those that remain, I’m perusing for actual events instead of opinions and predictions…that eliminates about 90% of the so called ‘news’ that I used to read.

Since there is almost nothing that can be proven to be Truth in the world of ‘talk’ and ‘words,’ I find it refreshing and more truthful to shut out all this ‘noise’ and return to Inner Silence.  Stare out the window, take a walk in the woods, listen to music without lyrics, play with your dog….leave words out of these experiences.  When your mind starts chattering, move your attention to the sounds, sights and feelings that your body is having.  Dare I say, ‘meditate!’ The Silence will be a healing balm to your body and mind.  It may also put you in touch with the deepest part of you, the Awareness that has no boundaries of time or of space, that is your Truest Identity.  Who knows, once you relax enough to be Awareness Itself, you may just want to live there permanently.