There are many teachers that get ‘orthodox’ about insisting that no one wakes up and that it’s all an illusion.  I would ask them, however, how successful they are about breaking out of the physical limitations of the so-called dualistic illusion?  Do they walk on water?  Is their body not subject to illness and death? Do they eat only air or the rays of the sun?  If they cut themselves, will they bleed?  If their friends or family members die, do they feel sad and miss them?

It is not the purpose of spirituality to totally disown or escape from the physical life or physical world of so-called Duality.  Perceptions of the five senses will not be discontinued when you discover the Truth of your Being.  Emotion does not disappear entirely, physical sensation doesn’t disappear, and thought doesn’t disappear.  Ramana Maharshi has been quoted as saying “The World is Unreal, Brahman Alone is Real, The World IS Brahman.”  Samsara is Nirvana, the World and Its Many Forms are Also Brahaman/The Absolute/God Itself.  We continue to live and interact in the world of illusions even as we awaken as The Absolute.

If you think that awakening from the illusion of Duality means that you will get to escape Duality and all the messiness of being a human being, give up that idea, it’s another LIE.  The awakened ones feel, have physical bodies, and have to interact in a three-dimensional world like everyone else.  Their bodies still die, as far as evidence allows us to know. The difference is that we know what we are as we navigate that world.  We know that the three-dimensional world is The Absolute, as well as that the Invisible Transcendent is The Absolute.  We are all of  That.

Attempting to use Awakening or Enlightenment to escape so-called Duality is an exercise in futility.  Awakening doesn’t lead to escape from: the world, being human, and watching your fellow humans suffer, or being compassionate to help humans reduce their suffering.  “Be Here Now” means continue to feel what you feel and Transcend it simultaneously.  Awaken, live and serve.  It doesn’t mean Awaken…check out…and act as if nothing exists.