Have you noticed how something that looks impossible if “it’s just me,” becomes possible if it’s a team or group doing it?

My in-laws are here this week, and projects that were too daunting for two have become easy for four.  The gardens are weeded and planted. The doors and gates all have hinges and closures that work again. The basement is getting new flooring.

Cooking that seems daunting, and ‘too much’ when it’s for two, now seems easy. A paradox! There are many more examples I could give, and experiences that you can recall too.

Teamwork is more poignant now, because our global pandemic mind-set made us all afraid to be together: afraid that someone would pass a virus that would sicken or kill us. Meeting loved ones and small groups of people reminds us how much we lost during that period and what we’ll gain by returning to each other.

Not only can a group accomplish a lot more than an individual but there is a cross-pollination of ideas, enthusiasms and encouragement that lights up everyone’s energy. The love and wisdom of the individuals comes forward in a good group. Though I was never on a sports team as a kid, I now see the advantages of teams and groups of all kinds.

As Summer arrives, and the pandemic’s grip diminishes, what groups or teams can you create? What dreams can they accomplish, that you, by yourself, can’t? What problems can you solve with a team?

Transformation Place

As for me, I’m continuing my Transformation Place groups. One will meet Wednesday nights and will start another 7-week commitment to meet weekly and encourage each other to dissolve roadblocks and dream new creations into our personal lives and communities. This small group (6 maximum) meets in person in my office!

We meet from 7 to 8:30pm and explore our dreams and ideas, while removing obstacles along the way. It’s fun, lively and always different. Come join us, pay by donation ($25 minimum suggested per group) and learn what a difference a team can make in your life.


What a Difference a Team Makes!

              Carpe Diem!                                   Cheers, Jon