What do I mean by Simply Awake?

My license plate says “AWAKEN U” on it.  When people ask, I tell them that it has three meanings:

  1. “wake up, drive the car, stop texting on your phone, and stop tailgating me,”
  2. “wake up to the psychological truths of your life,” and
  3. “wake up to your True Nature, since psychological truths aren’t the truest truths.”

My search has ended, and I teach other people that they can end their search too.  I call my work Simply Awake because that’s it’s goal…to help people awaken to the Simplicity that they actually are.

What are people searching for?  Meaning, purpose and their True Self.  Most people don’t feel ‘authentic’ or ‘integrated’ or ‘actualized.’  They’re not happy or fulfilled.  They long for contentment and peace.  They think that avoiding what they dislike and getting what they like will make them happy.

The central delusion of all human beings is that there is a limited, locatable, localized, little ‘self’ that can be ‘true.’  The end of seeking is the realization that this is a lie, there is no little self, and nothing needs to be attained because what we are is already Everything (and Nothing).  We are Everything, because The Absolute has incarnated in these frail, mortal bodies, and we are That.  We are Nothing, because there actually is no permanent “person,” just an endless series of perceptions.  Jesus said (paraphrasing) “The Father and I are One Essence” and when they picked up stones to kill him for blasphemy, he said (paraphrasing again) ‘isn’t it written that you are all the sons of God’ e.g. the same Essence with the Father that Jesus is?

We don’t have to do anything to be what we already are.  We have to stop doing everything that obscures what we already are, and see through every illusion that stands in the way of who we are.  There isn’t anything to attain, there is falsehood to destroy.  The end of falsehood is the end of seeking.

“You” can’t be happy by listening to your temporary thoughts about happiness and unhappiness because “you” don’t exist as an entity.  The stream of thoughts that run through your brain and the feelings those thoughts produce in your body are not a ‘self.’  They are simply a temporary caricature.  If you want to know the True Self or True Nature, go deeper.

See that if something within is Aware of all thoughts and feelings that are arising, then that Awareness precedes or is deeper than the thoughts and feelings.  It is True, it is the Rock, it is Solid, it Never Changes.  Exploring the Awareness, you will find it has no actual, felt boundaries of time or space and can’t be described in limiting words: it’s Eternal and Immortal.  Isn’t that how we define God or Brahman or The Absolute.  You are That!