Many people have watched with dismay, as a new virus, the SARS-COV-2  has moved around the planet. It’s been no Bubonic Plague, which killed half the population but it has killed many people: 3 million people have died out of nearly 8 billion of us, about .0375%.

I first began to hear about this in January 2020 and had some early warnings about how to take care of myself from a website called, one of whose founders holds a PhD in Pathology from Duke University. His information was helpful and was constantly updated based on the most recent scientific findings. A good while ago (perhaps Summer), he began telling us about a treatment protocol that used a well-known anti-parasitic drug, Ivermectin, plus vitamins and supplements: D3, C, Zinc, Quercetin and Melatonin.  The protocol and its research can be found here: Also see the scientific research, arguments and support for this here:

From the start, I was concerned about infecting others. Though I turned 65 just as the pandemic was spreading to the U.S., I have been fortunate to have had good health. I began wearing masks and washing/sanitizing my hands a lot in March 2020. For a while I stopped seeing people in my counseling office (even in masks) and moved what work I could online. Sometime in May 2020, I went back to the office to work with anyone willing to come in wearing a mask, and I always wore one. Many people opted to continue seeing me online (for convenience as much as anything else).

At that time, everyone was being told that the only hope of stopping Covid-19 was a vaccine. Though alternative news sites were aware of treatments like the Ivermectin protocol, and were recommending general good nutrition and vitamin/mineral supplementation, which are good antidotes to most viral infections, the mainstream media seemed oddly quiet about the fact that overall health improvements could prevent this virus (like they do with many other viruses).

Though the researchers on Ivermectin as a Covid prophylaxis (preventive measure) and treatment, created a complete scientific case to show its efficacy, and one (Dr. Pierre Kory) presented its use to the US Senate in December 2020 and to the National Institutes of Health in January 2021, causing the latter  to change their recommendation from ‘against Ivermectin use’ to ‘neutral,’ still no major media source has picked up the story. Ivermectin is only about $2 to $4 per dose, has been used 3.75 billion times in humans for parasite infection (with only over a thousand total incidents of reported side effects) as an anti-parasitic, won the Nobel Prize in 2015, and a number of studies around the world have shown its efficacy against SARS-COV-2.

Instead of this safe and effective prophylaxis and treatment, the media has all had us waiting with “baited breath” for the magical vaccines. The major vaccines have all been rushed through the normal approval procedures for emergency approvals, and the RNA protocols have never been successfully approved before. No one actually knows what their long-term effects are on the human body. And just today, one news site is reporting that a number of people in Michigan who’ve had the vaccine have been re-infected with Covid-19 14 days after the second dosage. A second article is noting that there is an an undeniable connection between the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots (some lethal) in people taking that vaccine.

Scientific experiments have been done on many people, who were unaware of either what they were getting or didn’t know the prognosis for long-term side effects. Some of the more notorious of these were medical ‘experiments’ done on German concentration camp prisoners, and the Tuskegee experiments on unsuspecting Black men. Yet, given that vaccines have been served up as the only answer to stopping the pandemic from killing approximately .04% of the population (and mainly in the population aged 60 and above, of which I am one), everyone of almost every age is rushing to get vaccinated.

People aren’t rushing to improve their overall health, pushing for nutritional improvements, pushing to take the toxins out of agriculture, pushing to improve our soil quality and therefore our food quality, our water and our air. They are rushing to get a needle pushed into their arm with a vaccine in it whose long-term effectiveness and side effects are both unknown.

I’ve decided to stand for what seems, to me, a more reasonable approach: do a prophylaxis with proven efficacy, using common vitamins and herbs, plus Ivermectin, which has a great ability to halt any variant of SARS-COV-2. I would like to see, too, how much evidence there is for the asymptomatic to pass on the virus to others, and a little more sanity prevailing about who is actually going to get sick enough to get hospitalized and die from COVID-19.  How many people who are hospitalized and die have co-occuring conditions, for instance? Does anyone know or care? Is it reported?

Why, too, are top scientists being censored by mainstream media: like Dr. Pierre Kory having his testimony to the U.S. Senate in December 2020 about Ivemectin pulled down off of YouTube? Testimony to the U.S. Senate! What is this censorship for? Wouldn’t it be better for science and for human health to listen to debate and information on other treatments?

In the meantime, everyone’s rushing to get a vaccine that has no long-term side effect studies, and which is actually using RNA to produce immunity to the virus, instead of the traditional use of dead viral particles to do that (as in most other vaccines, according to my layman’s understanding). Many scientists and public officials swear to its safety and efficacy but, they don’t really know anything about its long-term safety. No one does.

In addition, people like me who are staying healthy with good general health and nutrition practices, and are still willing to ‘mask up,’ even though protected by our protocols like Ivermectin+D3+C+Zinc+Quercetin+Ivermectin, are being told that we ‘don’t care about others’ or are ‘stupid’ or ‘backward’ or ‘reactionary’ for not taking vaccines with no longitudinal studies. I’m even getting the sense that people who are vaccinated will not want to come to my house if I haven’t been vaccinated.  What?

[Disclaimer: By the way, a doctor friend of mine has asked me to remind my readers that I’m not a doctor and that you need to find a doctor to approve this treatment before you go and take it… my links above to the work of Dr. Pierre Kory, you’ll find a list of doctors willing to prescribe Ivermectin who know how to do it in concert with the rest of the protocol.  Ivermectin is not a standalone cure.  Don’t just go and take it without medical consultation. I’m not a doctor and can’t and won’t take responsibility for your choice; a doctor needs to do that, okay?! End of Disclaimer.]

If the vaccine is so important, and keeps people so safe, why can’t they come to my house for a visit? Is the vaccine NOT going to protect them after all this talk about its absolute necessity at stopping the virus? Is the fact that I am healthy and on a proven protocol also NOT going to protect them from the potential of my being an “asymptomatic carrier” who could potentially “kill them?” Am I really going to have to show a ‘vaccination certificate’ to go to a restaurant, theater or airport if I am asymptomatic and on a prevention protocol? Can you say ‘totalitarian mentality?!’ (Yet this is happening in some places like Israel, and proposed in others like the UK and USA.)

Something about all of this begins to stink of mendacity and treachery.  Are people getting vaccinated to protect them or to make the pharmaceutical companies big money? Does anyone in public or scientific life actually care what the vaccines do to people in the long-term? OR is it all about the short-term? Who benefits?

One wonders. You can draw your own conclusions or call me a “conspiracy nut”  or “stupid” (as one client already has) but, I’m not putting something whose long-term effects are unproven, into my body.