It’s worth taking the time to feel into your deepest self, during some moments of quiet, to find what you are made of there. In the final analysis, it’s what you discover about yourself that matters.

I discovered that other than looking in the mirror, I had no internal sense of age. I still feel no different in my deepest core, than I did when I was 16. A LOT has changed on the outside but, that feeling remains. So I feel as if I’m timeless, eternal, or immortal. And no, I don’t think I can prove that this body will go on forever but, I have no sense of growing old in my deepest core.

I also discovered that I have no actual sense of where my awareness ends and an ‘outside’ world begins. Other than a bunch of words, I have no sense that awareness stops at the boundary of my skin. My experience is that it goes outwards in all directions to Infinity. In other words, I feel Infinite. Said another way, it often feels as if Infinity looks through these eyes at the world and everything in it and then back out to Infinity again.

Do you also find love at the core, that keeps pestering you to be expressed? How about a contentment and peace that isn’t based on ‘getting what you want?’ What about a sense of freedom, even within restrictions. What about a love of truth and dislike for falsehoods? I’ve eventually discovered that all of these exist within, in the deepest places of ‘me.’

Hmmm, let’s see: eternal/immortal and no boundaries/infinite. Love, bliss, freedom, peace, truthfulness.  The first two attributes that were only used to describe “God,” and the others to often have described “saints.”  Have we projected our own attributes into space and called them “God or Saint?” Or, have we been missing the fact that if we have these “divine” attributes we might be wrapped up in the Source and the Source in us all along?! Or does the fact that we can experience these attributes mean something else entirely? How about exploring that?!

There are nearly as many views of Reality as there are people on the planet. It might be simple to accept that someone else’s view is true and mine is not. It might be simple to accept that mine is true and someone else’s is not. It might be prudent, however, to consider that all views of Reality are only an approximation. Though we may know ourselves to be immortal and infinite, how could this small brain wrap up an understanding of the nature of an enormous Reality? It can’t, we can’t. We can only know a verbal approximation of Reality, and have a felt sense of that Reality but, finally Reality and the nature of Reality remains, in the best sense, a Mystery.

Before you believe anyone else’s tales of who and what you are (particularly the negative ones), go looking for yourself, into yourself and Reality, and see if you can feel and describe what is true. Then have the courage to develop your own felt sense and verbal approximation of Reality, and the courage to let others have their own.  This is about as close to Truth as we can all probably get.

From the love which is also at the core,