What do you do when you get that feeling that no one knows you’re alive? Many people jump on social media. Does that do ‘the trick?’ It doesn’t work for me. How about you?

All the social media posts, “likes,” group discussions, videoconferences, emails, video clips and texts don’t make you feel any less lonely, do they? They’re good distractions, a good quick dopamine hit but, no sense of deep satisfaction. It’s like eating cotton candy when you really want ‘Thanksgiving Dinner.’

Last weekend, our neighbors hosted a ‘garden party,’ the first of its kind since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Meeting old neighbors and talking to new neighbors was a great antidote to loneliness and isolation. In three short hours, I felt well-connected to my local community.  Not to mention that we simultaneously had a visit from a long-time friend.

Local community is IT! I love my friends all over the world but there is nothing like being in the same three-dimensional space with real people to give me a sense of belonging, community, and companionship. The love and optimism circulating this weekend were the best medicine for loneliness and isolation.

Local businesses are also a good source of company. I go to a place called GI Juice & Java near my office in Holicong, Pennsylvania, which makes the best vegetarian and vegan food, drinks, smoothies and desserts. Just going into the place and talking to the women who work there, cures my sense of isolation; and makes me feel nurtured and well cared for.  I was just there before I wrote this piece; can you tell?

If you’re feeling isolated, find someone geographically close to you and go visit them. Or, create relationships with your local businesses: real people benefit. In either case, even if the visit is just for five minutes and outdoors, the feeling of being with another human being will quench the sense of loneliness and isolation for a good, long time.

Speaking of Staying in Touch

For all of you ‘out there’ reading this, if you and I haven’t had a chat in a while, get in touch and let me know how you’re doing. Just a 10- or 15-minute phone conversation together can be a good ‘catch up.’ Or a simple email to me and my reply to you.

Also, if you’ve found other really effective ways of ending your feelings of loneliness or isolation, let me know how via [email protected].

As always, I’m happy to be here to serve and enjoy my local and larger communities.

Wishing you a daily discovery of all the love and truth you are,