These are three words that could be used to describe the Transcendent.  Out walking the dog this morning, our normal ‘green tunnel’ of trees that meet overhead (now bare and brown in winter) had been transformed by an overnight snow storm.  The sky was a radiant, clear, blue.  The trees were swathed in the pristine white of snow.  The Silence was deafening…snow deadens sound so well, and in 20 minutes only one car passed.

Drinking in that scene, and being dissolved in it, it’s then obvious that what is ‘inside’ of this body-mind and what is ‘outside’ is the Same.  I am the body-mind called Jonathan Labman AND everything Jonathan Labman is looking at.  This is the Heart of realization as experienced this morning.  This is what being Simply Awake is like.

In all moments, even when the world is a cacophony of vehicles and people in a big city, the essence that you and I are is ‘radiant, clear, and still.’  It is simultaneously a cacophony of sounds and relentless movement.  The Hindu texts refer to these two polarities of Consciousness as Shiva (the still) and Shakti (the continually moving).  Both are true, and this morning both elicited reverence and then silence as the melding of ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ was particularly clear, clean and crisp.  Ah….Life.

Simply Awake