Resting as That

Sometimes it is time to rest.  Even to rest from spiritual practice.  In fact, sometimes the best spiritual practice is to open to Life and learn whatever lessons It has for you just by paying attention to what’s right in front of you.

If it’s dark and cold outside, and you’re ill, the antidote is rest!  If your spiritual practice no longer bears fruit, the antidote could also be to rest.  If you are no longer pursuing anything, and you are silent inside, then you have become pure perception and at least, temporarily, merged with All.  In this condition, can you feel any boundaries between a ‘you’ and an ‘outside world?’

If you notice there are no boundaries then, no Inner or Outer, then aren’t you aware in that moment that you are Resting as That?  Now, could you continue that rest for the remainder of your life?  If so, then you would be ‘awake,’ would you not?

May all beings who read this ‘wake up’ in this lifetime: it is possible!