The Best Things in Life ARE Free

In the Northern Hemisphere where I live, the daylight is waning and the darkness is waxing.  Winter Solstice is next Thursday, so the days are very short.  Nonetheless, I am noticing a few of the many free blessings of being alive:

  • Feeling the cold on my face, helping me awaken when drowsy or sleepy,
  • A crisp walk on a cold day with my dog Maya
  • being able to sleep at night,
  • the overall general health of this body though it is nearly 63 years old
  • new friendships and old ones
  • the sunshine no matter how brief in the winter
  • the entertaining play of chickens in the backyard
  • the trees, bushes, shrubs and herbs, all asleep for the winter (and so not needing to be tended!)
  • love in its many forms
  • the greeting of my wonderful spouse when I return after a long day
  • the comfort of sitting after standing too long
  • rest after work
  • air to breathe and water to drink.

In the life that I used to live, when the ‘false self’ was in charge, I was never content with myself, others, or the world, let alone grateful.  As that identity has died and the new one, Awareness Itself, has emerged, gratitude is also emerging for life’s many gifts.  See if you, too, can feel and be grateful for some of the many gifts life has freely given you.  You might even reply to this post with a few things that you are grateful for today, things that came to you without paying money for them.

Perhaps you too will come to understand that the greatest free gift you have is your true identity as Awareness Itself.

May all who read this awaken in this lifetime: it is possible!