Ordinary people know that generally wars aren’t worth fighting.  The military industrial complex makes lots of money, and we lose fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters, friends, and children.  About 20% of those lucky enough to make it back alive will suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  The local populations who are being bombed and killed, usually didn’t want the war in the first place, unless they were highly brainwashed into thinking war is good.  From my point of view, egomaniac leaders ramp things up so that they can have a giant contest, to see who is the ‘best.’  In the meantime, they make the worst mess of the world, its people, and the environment.  No matter who wins, everyone loses.

From my perspective the only war worth fighting is the war against egotism, greed, and the ego’s need to reassure itself that it is real and permanent.  The ego (yes, your and my ego)  is actually made up of ephemeral thoughts (often lies about the past or future) and the resulting fantasy-based feelings that the lying thoughts create.  Personality seems to be a separate type of manifestation….since it can be seen at birth, long before the development of speech and thoughts.  Ask any mother with more than one child how different the personality was before speech even began.

If you want to be an influence for peace, the best way I know of is to start looking into your own self-deceptions, including the assumptions about other people and groups of people that you take for granted.  Take a look at how many of your thoughts are absolutely true.  Take a look at how many ‘facts’ we believe today are really just theories that have current scientific or social backing.  Eliminating relative truths which are really just lies ‘dressed up,’ and thinking critically instead of lazily assuming that someone else can do your thinking for you, you’ll see just how little is really true.

This can be one way of beginning to live in Reality as it is, rather than in your (and others) blind beliefs or untested theories of Reality.  Eliminating lies is a big part of coming to a baseline understanding that the truest ‘part’ of you, is the Awareness that has no sense of age or spatial boundary but is eternal and transcendent.  Understanding that you are Awareness, and so is everything and everyone else, gives you a new foundation for an inclusive morality that treats all creatures, people and environments as if they are You….since you are actually inseparable from them.  Charles Eisenstein (I believe taking the concept from Thich Nat Hahn), calls this moving into the new story of InterBeing.  It’s a worthy view, and one that would eliminate any ‘war’ in the physical world, if we came to understand and experience the truth of it.