Have you noticed how big a difference a week makes in your life? How about in the news?

In one week, I’ve been newly diagnosed with a broken ankle (not just sprained), put on two crutches and unable to do anything, then taken off the two crutches. The truth kept getting clearer: the MRI revealed a break as well as sprain. My doctor said ‘gosh that’s serious, better use two crutches.”

My orthopedist then took more x-rays, had more information/truth than my primary doctor and told me that my ankle break will probably heal in three more weeks. A boot (removable cast) is enough protection.

The truth ‘changed’ due to more information. No crutches!  I can move around the house and garden like a normal guy.

In the news, we’ve gone from the ‘truth’ that Covid-19 was definitely NOT lab-created, and from censoring and removing that ‘conspiracy theory’ from social media, to the opposite. Now we find out it might have escaped from a Wuhan lab via some technicians who were hospitalized in November 2019.

When you see something in the media, whether it leans ‘conservative’ or ‘progressive’ be careful that you don’t fall into ‘GroupThink.’ Everyone is pushing an agenda that isn’t necessarily about YOUR good:

  • politicians,
  • big pill and vaccine companies,
  • news outlets,
  • scientists, and
  • spiritual leaders.

Truths about drugs that are proven effective against Covid-19, like Ivermectin, have been rigorously suppressed. There are 51 successful clinical studies on its efficacy against ALL STRAINS. Qui Bene? (Who Benefits?) Not ordinary people, and not you. The suppression of that treatment, leads to the emergency approval of the ‘only possible treatment,’ a bunch of expensive vaccines, with no long-term studies of their side effects.

If you don’t have the whole truth, how do you make an informed decision? You don’t. You make a ‘group think’ decision.

Whether you are:

  • advocating for yourself within the medical or other human ‘systems’
  • facing people telling you that their ‘groupthink’ is correct and you’re ‘stupid’ or a ‘conspiracy nut’ for not believing it,
  • having people ‘cancel’ you because your truth search has come to a different conclusion than the media, scientists or religious leaders they believe without question, or
  • being ‘cut off’ from loved ones because of coming to different conclusions than theirs,

one thing is important: THE TRUTH.

The truth may be an ongoing discovery. You may have to keep changing your mind, and opinion and support network as your understanding of truth changes. However, TRUTH is critical to your essential nature. If you don’t know it’s true today, you won’t be at peace.

Trust YOURSELF not the GROUPTHINK. Do the work of finding out what’s true: it’s worth the effort. Then speak your truth with love, only when the listener is open to hearing it.

The Transformation Place

It’s time for me to open the Thursday evening group “The Transformation Place” to new members.  I’m also offering this on Mondays.

  • Group meets in my office every Monday or every Thursday 7 to 8:30PM during the month of June.
  • Ongoing members and new members mix, meet, mingle and support each other.
  • We look at what you’re wanting to ‘dream into existence’ now.
  • We use the group support to dissolve the patterns that stop you from succeeding.
  • Donation basis, with $25 the minimum weekly donation.

It’s great fun. Contact me via [email protected] if you can commit to the four Thursdays in June.

Creating Local Community

If you’re interested in creating a community of people motivated by Pure Love, Truth, and a desire to live in harmony with Nature and the Earth, contact me. I am beginning to create a community that not only supports people’s spiritual and psychological health but, also supports their relationship with Nature, each other, and true prosperity (financial, economic and whole-person). I want to help bring people together to support each others dreams on all levels.  Come and be a part of it.