Turning Trouble into Transformation

We’ve finally turned the corner into a warm Spring, and today’s temperatures are even summer-like. It’s my busy season in the garden and I have lots to do.

Last Thursday, after a beautiful 1-mile walk with our dog Maya (now 13 years old), I was walking to the chicken coop to collect eggs. Eight shouts and some sobs later, I realized I’d sprained my ankle badly stepping into some kind of hole. X-ray on Friday, multiple calls and emails to the doctor. MRI can’t be found until this Friday. Follow-up appointment a week from tomorrow!

In the meantime, walking with a crutch, a boot with inflation compartments to hug the leg (see below), a ‘riser’ device on the other foot so I’m not walking crookedly and injuring my body even worse. Oy. Oy. Oy! Oy vay is meir….(loosely understood to be Yiddish for ‘I am pain itself.’)

At first, I didn’t want to feel discouraged and just did the best I could. I did get discouraged though, and that led to the usual visitation from FEAR. I’m trying to move my private practice to mentoring and eldering but, people think I’m retiring from practice altogether. Many of my clients went ‘poof!’

I was worried I couldn’t clear the weeds and get my seeds into the garden, or people into my practice.  It slowly dawned on me (you’d think it would be faster given that I’m a therapist and have been teaching people spiritual Enlightenment for nearly 20 years) that I could still do things, I just have to do them more slowly. It also occurred to me that FEAR is just fear and will pass; I am well set up to make a career transition since I get to collect my Social Security pension starting in June.

I’ve shared this so that you can remember too: when your body (or your life) doesn’t let you do what you planned, when you get discouraged or afraid, REMEMBER: these are just feelings, and they will pass. Once you accept your feelings and look for the root of them AND a solution, you can begin creatively adapting to your new circumstances. I never knew I could do so much gardening (although slowly) sitting on my butt!

Keep identifying your obstacles or ‘defeat patterns’ and keep ‘busting’ them.  Then your dreams can take shape as realities: just as my garden and practice are doing.

The Transformation Place Retreat

I still have room for several people in Saturday’s half-day retreat this weekend (May 22nd). If you’d like to come join us, working with:

  • Meditation
  • Contemplation
  • Identifying and deleting old patterns
  • Dreaming new dreams into existence

Then contact me at [email protected]. Donation-based starting at $30 minimum up to $100.

Love and best wishes for a wonderful week,